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    Bloody Sunday

    • After a week in Elder Scrolls Online we decided enough was enough. It was time to show the tree hugging hillbillies of All Mermaid Dominion that Cyrodiil wasn't theirs for the taking. It was time to show them that Ginnunga would bleed, die and reap souls for the Daggerfall Covenant.


      We dethroned a emperor. We fought two furious factions. We got our scrolls back. We catapulted 18 people in the top 50 most earned alliance points. But the night had just started.


    Hungry for blood Ginnunga set out to right the wrongs in Cyrodiil. Our sunday began just after lunch under the steadfast leadership of Ernesto who in quick succession started reclaiming keeps in the north. Slowly the map turned from horrible pee yellow to a cool blue as our warband swept the land with little resistance.


    The lessons from earlier games have been well learnt. Twenty strong ginnungans repeatedly engaged forces up to four times our size, driving the enemies back time after time in keeps and open battle. Flanking, sneak attacks, horse charges, siege warfare and midget vampire baiting, we did it all and prevailed.


    Backed up by our covenant brothers [Torment] we crushed what All Mermaid Dominion forces there were and come dinner time we had dethroned their emperor Sulfr, who himself also got a taste of Ginnunga steel in more than one encounter. In his place came Dominatress of Torment, a brethren to replace a heretic. The victory spurred our forces who pushed forward and we reclaimed two of the Elder Scrolls.



    The Scroll of Ni-Mohk being welcomed home.



    As the yellow map rapidly changed color the Ebon Ass Pact smelled blood. Up in the North East they began their own march, retaking keeps which had far too long been claimed by the elven kind. But the Dark Elfs are not to be trusted. No sooner had we shown them the chinks in the All Mermaid Dominions armor before they turned on the Covenant. Assaulted from two directions we scrambled to defend our newly claimed keeps, but the might of two factions against one was overwhelming and we began to lose ground.


    One keep still stood strong in the middle of enemy territory, Blue Road Keep. To the south All Mermaids crept up, reclaiming the inner emperor keeps. To the north Ebon Ass warbands roamed the lands, blood crazed after being shown that the war over Cyrodiil was far from over. The supply lines to Blue Road had long since been cut off, but obstacles as such has never hindered Ginnunga. We inspected the map and came to the conclusion that the next big fight would happen at Blue Road, whichever enemy faction would come to claim it. Since our favorite position is smack in the middle of a sandwich we packed up our siege engines and rode for Blue Road.


    Halfway there word came that we were indeed correct. Ebon Ass had already assaulted the keep and as we glimpsed the stone towers of Blue Road Keep in the distance our scouts reported that the inner door of the keep was about to fall. We spurred our horses, weaved our magic and galloped like the wind across forests and hills.

    The postern door had been left unguarded and we poured into the keep. The red shields of the Pact did nothing to deter us, we charged headfirst into the fray and broke their lines just as the keep was about to fall.

    We won the fight, but the night had just started.


    What followed was a defense of epic proportions. Ebon Ass broke the north wall of the keep, their numbers approaching the hundreds. Ginnunga had roughly twenty five inside the inner walls, so odds were slightly in our favor.

    Oils went up all around the inner keep, pouring down on the attackers. Wave after wave of enemies broke trying to assault the main door. As the bodies piled up below us the Pact realized their tactic was flawed. A close up engagement was one they could not win and instead they proceeded to pound the door with siege engines from afar and it seemed like their numbers would win the day. The enormous gate began to buckle under the onslaught of ballistas and trebuchets, so orders were given to prepare for a defense of the lord room. Strategically placed oils were once again set up according to Howleys commands, but this time deep in the heart of the keep.

    Suddenly the gate gave way and a wave of red crashed into our forces. But we were prepared. Oil rained down on the attackers, rings of fire burning their armor and arrows piercing their flesh. As sudden as it had started it was over. We stood on top a mound of bodies, but there was no time to cherish the victory. As we cleared the courtyard of siege engines and stragglers our enemy once again assembled.

    The next assault took us by surprise. Instead of the main gate, Ebon Ass attacked the postern door of the inner keep. The walls of the outer keep quickly filled with enemy siege engines which flang death and destruction onto our forces. We rushed from one side of the keep to the other, moving ballistas, setting up oils and picking off any pact member who dared venture to close to our walls.

    We began to realize that this might be it. With the siege engines out side pounding every inch of our walls we rapidly ran out of places to even place our own, much less break theirs.

    Suddenly a cry went out that the main gate was about to go down. The Pact had gone for a two pronged attack, which escaped our notice. Once again we scrambled, repositioning oils and moving our defenses to the lord room. Once again the enemy broke through. Once again they ran into the grinder. Once again we were victorious.


    After hours of defending our forces were growing weary, but word came that reinforcements were headed our way. The main gate of the inner keep was still open as our scouts reported that The Pact had been engaged by friendly forces. Ginnunga quickly gathered within the smoldering ruins of Blue Road Keep. Orders were given to pack up our siege engines and prepare for a charge. Our enemies sensed it coming and turned, but it was to no avail. To the west Torment crashed into the enemy lines and we charged out to the east. It would seem we were not the only ones weary as we easily crushed the remainder of the army. Blue Road Keep held.


    We then spent an hour clearing skirmishing forces and enjoying the spoils of victory. The day began with one or two ginnungans on the top 100 leader board. At the time of writing we now have 18 in the top 50.







    The war in Cyrodiil still rages on, but sunday showed that the Covenant are a force to be reckoned with in the Chrysamere campaign. The time of Ginnunga has come.

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    FFS. I had so much fun the 3 hours I was with you guys but seems like the fun accelerated after I left. Never again am I having friends over a night I know we're doing PVP... How much of the map did you manage to color blue?

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    It will take a mighty experience to displace the Blue Road Keep defence from my memory. To be so outnumbered and still victorious, the laughs after we'd realised it said it all. Great article Sinful! Let's hope another is not too long away! :)

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    Faxfinn: It swayed back and forth, when we left i think we had about 1/3 of the map. AD had a bit more and EP a tad less, if I remember correctly. 

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    Wow, very nicely done! Again, my only regret it so leave to early :(


    EDIT: Did someone record it?

    Edited by Faxfinn

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    From this day to the ending of the world,

    But we in it shall be remember'd;

    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me

    Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile

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    After Ernesto left, we rode back up north and took Fort Aleswell again.

    And with that Ginnunga packed up and left for the night.

    Aleswell that ends well? *boomtish*

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