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    Abandoning an Emperor on Chrysamere

    • Ginnunga crowned our first emperor! And then we turned around to abandoned him for greener pastures. (But only for a weekend, we are still on Chrysamere). Read the whole story about how baby vampire realized a life long dream, just to have it taken away by a bunch of pigs.


    It's been a week of furious fighting in Cyrodiil and Chrysamere, a shame most of our members have been far to busy skilling provisioning and making crab cakes to see much of the action. *cough cough*


    But there are those among us who have chosen a different path. If you sit quietly in teamspeak during the wee hours and listen carefully you can hear faint footsteps, the fluttering of bat wings and the clattering sound of fangs repeatedly biting into armored throats. These are our demons of the night. The shadow lurkers. The baby vampires. An elite military unit comprised of the most fearless, the smallest and the most made fun of ginnungans. They are not welcome in dungeons, so instead they endlessly roam Cyrodiil in search of fights, blood and honor.


    Out of all the baby vampires one is smaller than all others. Civen of Ginnunga is so small that some mistake him for a misplaced candle. But he cares not, for what he lacks in size he makes up for in fury. During the past week he has climbed the leaderboard at a frightening pace and currently holds the first place by far.




    So what do Ginnunga do when we have a member at the top of the leaderboard? We make him emperor! In a "tactical maneuver" we quickly lost all inner keeps and dethroned the previous covenant empress, Dominatress. Some may say this wasn't anyones plan at all, but we seldom listen to such filthy lies.


    Said and done, we had our chance. Come saturday king Ernesto gathered a mighty warband and swept the lands. Keep after keep fell to the Ginnunga horde and before the sun had even set so our baby vampires could join the fray all emperor keeps were under Daggerfall Covenants control. We had a new emperor, and his name was Civen of Ginnunga!


    Here is where you might say the story takes a turn for the worst. In a stroke of genius our beloved leaders decided that the campaign of Chrysamere was not worthy our attention any more. Instead they were blinded by the promises of fights and gold in the distant lands known as Dawnbreaker. Our members are nothing if not loyal, so we charged straight into the new campaign, drawing blood and taking keeps for a whole new crowd.


    "But, what about the baby vampire emperor?!", you might ask. Yes, what about the baby vampire emperor indeed. Civen stayed in Chrysamere, doning his sparkling new golden armor. But when he traveled to keep after keep to show off the attire of his dreams, did his brethren greet him? Did they stand in rows, applauding his effort and congratulate him on his achievement? No. For they had left. And while a baby vampire emperor is indeed a fearsome enemy, he can't carry the weight of a whole campaign on his pale shoulders.

    With the majority of Ginnunga gone Ebon Ass Pact and All Mermaid Dominion smelled blood. Civen fought like a mad man, but could in the end not stand alone. Tears of blood stained his golden armor as keep after keep fell to our enemies.


    And suddenly it was all over. As the dark elves and nords charged the last emperor keep at the break of day, Civen looked to the east. But there was no Gandalf nor Pzar. There was only death.

    So ended the reign of emperor Civen of Ginnunga, who will forever be remembered as "The Abandoned one".

    Both before and during his reign Civen and the rest of the guild did accomplish some amazing feats, and for our enjoyment the ex-emperor made this video:



    But losing an emperor is one thing, losing a baby vampire emperor a whole other. Ginnunga has thus decided to return to the Chrysamere campaign once again and show our enemies that their victories are but a temporary glimpse of light in the eternal darkness that it means to stand against Ginnunga.


    We will not falter, we will not abandon and we will not rest til Civen once again sits on the throne of Cyrodiil. All hail Civen of Ginnunga, the one who was abandoned, but not forgotten!

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    I thought the story was going to be:

    -Civen crowned Emperor.
    -Ernesto kills Civen and takes crown. 

    But.. this is so much worse. :(

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