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    Ginnunga will be playing on Tomb of Freedon Nadd!


    It has been decided that we will stick to playing Empire on the Tomb of Freedon Nadd server.


    It is quite clear that the Empire side outnumbers the Republic side, but we are hoping it will even out a little bit more.


    Not only do we get to play with a bunch of our good friends in the Renegade Legion, but there are some known names on the opposing side, which feels good, just hoping that the server imbalance will not be detrimental to open world PvP.


    This is the first time Ginnunga will play on a side that is not outnumbered, so it will be an interesting experience. Since we have previously been spoiled with pretty much always being able to find a fight, our greatest fear is naturally not being able to find good opposition.


    We are truly hoping that the Freedon Nadd server will be a great home for our guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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