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    Zilas falls over

    • https://www.ginnunga.org/uploads/monthly_02_2014/ccs-30034-0-77556500-1392462822.jpg,monthly_02_2014/ccs-30034-0-97868500-1392462822.jpg

    After a few weeks of being lazy and spending most raidevenings in Rift by making life harder for the defiants, we took a stab at clearing Hammerknell again. To our surprise, content is actually not too hard - if you actually go there and fight it instead of idling in Sanctum, trying to figure our which dye goes best in your fourth wardrobe slot.




    We took in a few new recruits to ensure our longevity in Rift and we spent two weeks to gear them up in Greenscale and River of Souls. Doing old content can be quite boring so we tried to spice it up at times. Best run was a 14-man Greenscale kill. Got a bit tricky with a few people who didn't have any hitrating whatsoever, but down they go as the plumber said.


    Worst part about our new recruits is that they are just as old as us. My PvE progress needs more unemployed university students. Where is my Kolapz when I need him? The thirty plus brigade is weak! Three raiddays a week? Pffft! When I was young we did six! Oh wait. I am still young. Hooligan is the old one. He turned 49. Embarrassing.


    I wish we were all young again. Time to buy Cogency that spa treatment he wanted for his birthday. That should shave off five years for us at least!



    Anyhow, here is a killshot. It is not good. But it is mine.





    During our two weeks of open world RvRing on Whitefall we were getting distraught that our lovely opponents seemed to always log out after a defeat or two, but now when we are back doing a little bit of PvE they seem to climb back out of the woodworks, so I feel an evening of teaching-lessons is in order.


    Team Plow™ go go go!


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