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    R.I.P Murdantix, + Recruiting in Rift!

    • https://www.ginnunga.org/uploads/monthly_02_2014/ccs-30034-0-44387000-1392462227.jpg,monthly_02_2014/ccs-30034-0-64415400-1392462227.jpg

    It's been an exiting week on Whitefall for Ginnungas already legendary Rift-chapter. The servers got patch 1.4 which among other things brought plenty new fixes, a new 10-man instance, PvP-rifts, new PvP-ranks, updated Warfronts and a new epic quest-line.

    Of course we were eager to experience it all, so eager that after a single weekend of mayhem we congratulated our highest ranked pvp-member this far, Cogency, on obtaining Rank 7!



    With all the new content we of course didn't settle for bashing defiants, we had a hunger for monster blood. Ernesto led a brave party into the new raid instance and a few hours later left with four new scalps.



    ccs-30034-0-44387000-1392462227_thumb.jpgKill-shots are lame, mmmmmkay?

    Seeing as Trion tuned some of the fights in Hammerknell we went back in with our hopes high and promptly one shot the first boss, Murdantix. Not quite the epic first kill we hoped for, it seems like Trion still has some adjustments that needs implementing.



    ccs-30034-0-64415400-1392462227_thumb.jpgI lied. Killshots are awesome but Ernesto can't produce them :(

    We then spent a couple hours playing midwifes to Hammerknells preggo, Matron Zamira. Conclussion: We need to push buttons harder!


    Current progress:

    GSB: 5/5 RoS: 4/4 GP: 4/4 DH: 4/4 HK: 1/10



    We've decided we could use more meat for the grinder and thus our recruitment is re-opening! T2-gear or better, raid-experience is a plus but most of all we're looking for that perfect mix between a fantastic player and someone who fits our misfit family socially.


    Currently looking for:

    2 Mages

    1 Cleric

    1 Rogue/Warrior


    If you're interested please read our official recruitment post where you will find all the info you could ever ask for!

    In the unlikely event that you do have questions feel free to contact Ernesto, Kunasha, Fastas or Pinchy ingame.


    As for applications: Write properly. Write a lot. Spell-check. Trigger our interest! Again, we want good and friendly people that will add to our community, not just the game!


    On that note we also welcome our newest recruit Greydawn! Some of you might remember him from Lineage 2 where he played as Auranoir.


    Until next week my dears, skrbeti za sebe!

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