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    Ginnunga - Ahead of the Curve!

    • Ding dong, the b*tch is dead. Two days before the launch of World of Warcrafts next raid instance our members on Nordrassil killed the Heroic version of Imperator Mar'gok, final boss in the first instance, thus claiming the sought after achievement "Ahead of the Curve: Imperator's Fall".


    Albert Einstein once defined insanity as "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". It's obvious he wasn't familiar with our Nordrassil chapter, and he was also wrong.


    Ginnunga has played a plethora of games, with varying degrees of persistence and success. One chapter which has defied the norm has been the crew on the server Nordrassil in World of Warcraft. Since late 2007 they've kept fighting the good fight. Year after year, expansion after expansion, they've been trudging along. Slaying dragons and demons at a enjoyable pace.

    The calm was somewhat interrupted with the launch of the latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Returning players were welcomed back, and quite a number of ginnungans who hasn't touched WoW in ages and who's never played on Nordrassil, picked it up and filled the ranks.

    The infusion of fresh hungry buttonpushers inspired the leadership. There were initially plans to not raid at all this expansion, but suddenly there was a change of heart. Guides were being posted, a training initiative instituted, requirements set and preparations being made. Ginnunga was going to war.



    ccs-33480-0-15063900-1422912374_thumb.jpg Random picture of a dwarf for Coots.

    Normal mode of the first raid instance, Highmaul, was cleared quickly and the progression on Heroic commenced. Boss after boss fell before the might of Ginnunga, right up to the final boss of the instance, Imperator Mar'gok. The fight is on quite a different level and length over the other encounters in the instance, which took its toll. In fact it took a total of 56 wipes spread over 7 or so raids.


    It's unclear if Imperator Mar'gok simply fell over due to boredom or if the relentless assault became too much, but a mere two days before the launch of Blackrock Foundry he finally died.



    ccs-33480-0-14378500-1422911166_thumb.jpgDead, deader, deadest, Imperator.

    The accomplishment earned our brave heroes the achievement "Ahead of the Curve: Imperators Fall", a sign that we're almost certainly not completely useless.

    Kidding aside, well done to each and everyone involved. It was a challenge, and you stepped up. We can now look forward to Blackrock Foundry, where Blackhand awaits! With some effort we should clear this a tad quicker, giving us time for some mythic content.

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    Great work! 

    It's been a blast so far here on Nordrassil, our team is making improvements week on week and getting more and more potent as time progresses. We've made a large amount of progress since our first pull in Highmaul some two months ago. Lets keep our progression at this pace throughout Blackrock Foundry and we'll have plenty of time for Mythic raids before the next tier is released! :)


    Was a good read Sinful. Enjoyed it! :)

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