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    Little Calyn goes to Gamescom


    Our most belowed schoolboy Calyn went to Gamescom yesterday to check out Rift (mainly) for us.


    Despite my recommendations to avoid it, he managed to get photographed by Cindy "Abigale" Bowens (Sr. Community Manager, Trion Worlds) together with the Boothbabe for Trions MMO: Rift: Planes of Telara, a Rift version of EverQuests Firiona Vie called Asha Catari. I sadly do not know the name of the person impersonating Asha Catari, but I am afraid she will be in real trouble if Calyns wife finds out about this!


    Calyn pretends that his wife has seen the picture, but I know better, so I have forwarded this post to his wife in an SMS to ensure a swift and commendable punishment for our german Rift correspondent.



    When Calyn isn't being photographed together with scandalously clad women, he is working on a nice little Rift fansite called Rift-news. I rarely visit the site since it's made by Calyn, but I have to admit I have subscribed to his RSS feeds which is a very nice read with new stuff every morning. Despite the Calyn.


    If you are lucky enough to be an awesome person (a guildmember) you can read about Calyns reports on what he saw at gamescom about coming titles like Starcraft II, Guild Wars 2, Tera and Rift.




    You can follow all the information about Gamescom at Riftnews Gamescom dedicate page, found -> here


    View attachment: calyn_booth.jpg

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    That would be insufficiently dressed, I think she is wearing just the perfect amount of clothes for the pupose, to be scandalously clad!

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