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    Guildmember spotlight: Warcrier

    • The man that got kill number ONE THOUSAND on Leviathan! CRIER OF WAR, ZERKER OF AWESOME!




    What's you character name and how did you come up with it?

    WarCrier! Mainly i got it from the Orc mage class back in Lineage2. Kinda stuck after i made a Orc warrior in WoW. And I cry out my anger on the battlefield!


    How old are you?

    I am 30 years old, actually I will turn 31 in 5 days. But this is all a secret


    Where do you live?

    Norway - Hamar. Its a little town witch is 1,5 hours north from Oslo.


    What MMO do you play at the moment?

    I play Black Desert Online.


    Any other games currently?

    I tend to drop by League of Legends. Alot of my friends play it.


    What was your first computer game ever?

    I had a 286 with California Summer Games on it. And Sk8orDie - omg i miss it.


    What was your first multiplayer online experience?

    My very first was Command and Conquer with Zapfcarn and our cousin.

    I didnt know what the fuck i was doing at the time, and i was so much younger - so i only got to try it once.

    I later jumped on the Counter-Strike wave - even remember i dumped one of my early girlfriends for clan wars and random 5v5s.


    What was your first MMO?

    Funny that you ask, cause i was just about to say "And then.. The game was there.." on the last question. But yeah lets go - And then.. This game.. "What did you say??" "We can have wars with over 100 people?" "And its 3rd person ?" "WTF is quests..?" "MMORPG?"

    THE game was installed on my computer - Lineage 2


    What is your favorite snack while gaming?

    Either beer or chips


    When/How did you join Ginnunga?

    Well, i came stumbling into this MMO. Was in doubt to start with, but than i saw this Berserker movie on youtube, so i ordered the game, and i got the same feeling as i got with Lineage2 - So when i heard from Zapfcarn, that he had found a guild with you old farts - i had to join.


    Tell us your most memorable MMO moment?

    SATURDAY 9th JULY 2016!!!!!


    Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.

    My epic journey to Egypt with my Father and Zapfcarn.


    Well, this night was hot. All night were hot, but i remember this night had the desert feeling, dusky sand covered sky filled with a sundown.

    Me.. Im sitting in the hotel bar, with some other norwegian families. Did not know them.

    I remember we ordered a Long island Icetea from the bar, and they missed the cointreau, so they used a blue curacao. Tasted like shit. Now is the point were everything went black. But i remembered i came back to the hotel room witch was in the first floor - and straight out into the pool. How ever... I wake up by to things - i have to shit and i have to throw up. I jump out of the bed trying to find out the smartest solution to who i was going to manage this. Now.. What i do..

    I opened the door to puke outside - Failed - I opened the door, yes, but i puked inside the room. Ok! Part one done. Second, toilet is smart - - i guess....

    So there i am sitting on the trashbin in the middle of the room. This is were i start to come back to my self and actully understand what im doing. Im still pretty drunk.

    I go back to bed, wake up 4 hours later of a smell (you dont want to know) - Looking around, i can see the blue pond 20 cm away from the door - a trashbin in the middle of the room - And then.. KNOCK KNOCK LOOM SERVICE KNOCK KNOCK.. i think quick "scream 10 minuts please" did a superman move into the shower washed my self ran too my suitcase and throw on my swimming gear and run out and jump in the pool. Thinking i was all good. Then i realize i did something fun the other night, since E V E R Y singel person on the hotel knew me by my first name..

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    Tell us your most memorable MMO moment?

    SATURDAY 9th JULY 2016!!!!! <3<3<3<3


    This, so much this!


    Nice read mate. 

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