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    • I wouldn't want to get on the bad side of this guy! Here he is, our stereotypical angry German sorceress, Saslic!




    What's you character name and how did you come up with it?

    My most used character name is Saslic and I stole it from the only book I have read voluntary. On german the book is called 'Drachenkrieger' (I-III) - english: Dragonmaster Trilogy. My second most used character name is Rayne and is stolen from the BloodRayne movie. I'm horrible in creating names myself.




    How old are you?

    I just turned 26 but the people in the supermarket always want to see my identity card.


    Where do you live?

    Berlin, Germany


    What MMO do you play at the moment?

    At the moment I play Black Desert Online. I play the most underpowered class called Sorceress. Chimp cries alot about my class and I bet he payed the developers to nerf it even more :(.






    Editor: *ahem*

    Any other games currently?

    Since BDO takes so much time I have almost no time to play anything else. But when I find some time for other games I play Dota 2 as offlaner, support/roamer or midlaner - I hate to play as carry, never have a decent team.


    What was your first computer game ever?

    I am not sure what the first game was I played on my father's Amiga. But I am pretty sure it was either Space Invader or Pacman.


    What was your first multiplayer online experience?

    I am not so sure what my first multiplayer online experience is. I started to play alot offline with the son of my neighbors and his friends who is about 4 years older then me. The first game I started to play online might be Counterstrike 1.6, Diablo II, Age of Empires or Command & Conquer


    What was your first MMO?

    My first MMO I played was Guild Wars (1). I have played it for 4 or even more years and I bought all expansions. I spend the most time in the random 4 vs 4 arena as a healer and sometimes as archer. Also with Guild Wars I started to love the healer class because it was simply the most challenging class. In all following MMOs I played the healer class when it was available. Sadly the newer MMOs don't have healers anymore.


    What is your favorite snack while gaming?

    Beer, what else?






    Editor: Obviously, he really means milk, as can be seen here

    When/How did you join Ginnunga?

    l joined in the late 2014 when we played ArcheAge. I started the game with Search, November, Tarania and Hardedged. I think the most of them knew Ginnunga from Lineage 2 already which I never seriously or officially played. So they thought it would be a good idea to join Ginnunga and I agree with it. Sadly these weak germans can't get a longer hold on a game these days


    Tell us your most memorable MMO moment?

    When I solo killed multiple parties in BDO (remember: as the most underpowered class called Sorceress ;)) and everyone thought I was actually good. No, I think the most awesome MMO moments I had were in Warhammer with the above called people and some more, when we took huge raids down with just our small group. Additional I love every good PvP moment I have in MMOs.


    Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.

    I have a Bachelor of Engineering in Energy and Drive Systems and now I study Law. I suffer under cluster headache (also called suicide headache), the upside is that it's not chronic and I suffer only a couple weeks each year - in this time I am more then useless.

    My real name is Kai.






    Editor: Saslic being a pirate, apparently

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    Well he's quite private guy so reading all this was pretty nice :)


    Also.... do wash your panties from time to time would you, i know you have the whole pirate thing going on but still ^^



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    I was sure your name has something to do with another of your pastimes! :)

    Very nice read - nice to read more about such a mysterious fellow such as you. 

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    Nice read!

    Your name still reminds me of a dish, called "saslik" in hungarian. Delicious!




    Edited by Liannae

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    Nice read!

    Your name still reminds me of a dish, called "saslik" in hunarian. Delicious!





    Interesting place to place those 'shrooms ... :)

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