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    Guildmember spotlight: Chimp

    • The monkey we've all become to love. Well, almost all of us. Maybe a few of us... Pretty sure we can find someone out there!




    Chimp (Johan), Sisters and Mom.



    What's you character name and how did you come up with it?


    Well its Chimp, however it started with DancingChimp on Xbox Live. I wanted a name that was a bit funny. DancingChimp made me picture a chimp dancing all the time, so I actually laughed when I saw my name.

    During this I only played Magic The Gathering on the xbox so it was also nice because the others name was always SUPERDEATH012321 and XLordofDestructionXX and so on.


    Funny thing that many have actually told me that its a really good name. Even in BDO on my Valk that has the name "DancingChimp".


    This name was also my instagram account and everything else related to me.


    How old are you?

    33... ok ok.. 34 this year.




    Where do you live?

    I live in Stockholm but during some of my Ginnunga years I lived in China. Which is why some peope have heard me being refered to as the Chinaman. It was terrible becasue vpn, lag and hours. But, I made it work. Kind of.


    What MMO do you play at the moment?

    Black Desert Online, because the entire guild plays it! What the guild plays, I will ALWAYS join in on, even tho I might not like the game. Because I like playing with friends.

    *wink wink* to the people refusing to join because we might quit some day. I will always play whatever game we play, for whatever time we will play it.


    Any other games currently?

    Well, I really like to play Heroes of the Storm. I do that during when servers are down. Its the best day of the week. Its also refered to as "Chen Day" after a hero in the game.


    What was your first computer game ever?

    I was quite early with playing on a computer and actually had my own BBS when I was younger blocking the phoneline. My father also was a lot in china so I was really early with a console. It was just a wheel and I played PONG on it. So, that was the first one.. fucking PONG.


    What was your first multiplayer online experience?

    I use to play MUDs before during my senior highschool a lot. But after that I played Lineage 1 and played it for a very long time. After that it was Asherons Call, Darktide server full pvp!


    My first memory in the MUD world was stepping outside the caves as an orc, I read every line really felt the world. I followed a Swedish guy who played from KTH. I was so nervous and didnt know what was happening. Then the free people came and a dwarf planted his axe in my head and stole all my gear (full drop). The KTH guy laughed and ran away chasing. Worst hour of my life. Since that day, I have always strived to understand everything and kill everyone!



    What was your first MMO?

    As stated above I must say it was Lineage 1. Me and one of our members Papercuts played it together.

    We had a pledge (guild) in beta called Disney. I was super super super weak, but I made really strong friends. So me and Papercuts ran around and everyone thought we were really strong. But actually, they could prb killed us instantly. But I made friends with the strongest people ont he server, so I they ahd my back always. Then I traded my level 15 elf for a level 33 warrior, then i traded the level 33 warrior for a 45 elf. So without killing a single mob I went from level 15 elf to level 45 elf. Papercuts was super mad because he was struggling and fighting skeletons and for him it was super super slow. To get money I scammed people and stole their stuff. I did it well and also got decent money from it. While Papercuts was still angry on this, he also got a lot of shit from other players because he was associated with me, while I switched account and lived free, he was attacked. Hahaha, the memories.


    In Asherons Call I was fooled to play som kind of unarmed melee char named "Angust Nordbo", I was terrible, everything was terrible and I was more or less just killed instantly upon seeing an enemy. Most of my time I was being powerleved so I didnt know how to play or what was happening at all. Sinful was also playing as a random pker, I did not play with him even tho were are friends in real life. Because he was evil. I was anti-pk, so I was good.



    What is your favorite snack while gaming?

    Now I don't actually snack that much it was random, but when I was really hardcore back in the days, it was actually Jambalaya Sausage.

    Its the best, before you start hating on me, try it.. best computer snack!


    When/How did you join Ginnunga?

    I was playing RIFT with some friends, Sinful included. Sinful was officer in some Swedish guild (Aesir) but he manage to end up in drama and rage quit the guild. So we all had to leave. I then grouped with some random people in a dungeon, they were decent and fun. Social and didn't fuckup as much as pugs usually do. This was a Ginnunga group with Argee. I discussed it with Sinful and the others and we applied.


    After the interview with Ernesto he BEGGED us to join and promised gold and glory. Still waiting on both gold and glory.

    Now its just work.


    Tell us your most memorable MMO moment?

    There are so so many good.


    One very strong one was in Lineage 1, me and Papercuts was on a siege both with a "Cloak of Invisibility", we were the special kill squad because they thought we were so strong. But we were not strong and prb didn't kill anything. Just sneaking around the castle. But it was so exciting and fun. ... I guess you had to be there.


    There was some really really good moments in Archeage, if I am to take something a little bit closer in time. When me and Rellic stole the Pirate flag from the pirate island chased by Pirate players, that was really exciting. I think I laughed so I couldn't breath.


    But, sometime playing with Ginnunga I just laugh so much it hurts. The funny thing is, its usually when we are just grouping and grinding and not doing anything special. The preparation for big events we do as a guild I always enjoyed so much. Like when we prepared for the siege in Archage. The siege sucked so much and was so buggy. But the few days leading up to it was fantastic! The commitment, the feeling on teamspeak. We had a goal, everyone was willing to spend every penny on them to make it happen. It didn't happen.


    MMOs have given me so much joy in my life, for so many years.


    Ok, I almost forgot. The launch of WOW, for sure!

    Me, Sinful and Papercuts we bunker up food in my apartment, we lock ourselves in for 1 week together and just pushes it! Slept in shifts. It was absolute insane. During the release we didnt want to stand in line with the crazy people screaming "FOR THE HORDE". So we drank beer across the street and decided to go when the line was "ok". We went in, took our copy, ignored all the shit happening and pictures. We took a Taxi to my place and just went for it. Servers crashed, Sinful got in and took a few levels faster. That little extra he got, expanded until he was like a full level higher then me on level 40.



    My god, I should also write something here about Shadowbane. How me and Sinful controlled the entire server with an ironfist. I was leading a raid and said "one more word, or emote I will kick you from guild and have you killed. " One Finnish guy did an emote. I had 5 people jump him instantly, killed him, looted him and guild kicked him. Then I said.. "anyone else? or we ready to do this?"

    We went for a raid and destroyed EVERYONE... EEEEVERYONE! We destroyed cities, we had guilds doing our bidding that leveling up chars for us. We macroed all the time on 1 account and leveled up stuff on another.

    It was an entire server under the fist of Sinful and Chimp. Much joy!


    Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.

    A lot of people know a lot about me. I have no secrets. But maybe something.

    I have 3 sisters, spread around the world. South Sweden, West Sweden and Hong Kong. My father also lives in Hong Kong and been in Asia for most of the years since 1994. I live in Stockholm now since (1999) but I grow up on the country side outside Gothenburg. We had horses and shit all my life so I am good at riding and also doing horsemanship and stuff.


    I have a Masters Degree in International Business from Dublin and a Bachelor in Economics. With a master thesis on Organizational Culture.


    Papercuts lived with me for six kind of unhealthy and crazy month in Shanghai.


    I speak Mandarin. :P So when they take over the world, I can beg for my life in Chinese.



    Chimp teaching the country life to city friends at my Moms farm. (Im the guy in blue)


    Teaching how to proper tractor with beers.



    Teaching how to shoot intruders



    Teaching how to ride into battle



    Chimp taking over the intruders are getting to close.


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    You are one of the few people in this world who speaks more than I do - and I love you for it.

    I feel happy to know and understand my Chimpychimps a little more.

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