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    Titan Alliance retires


    All good things must come to an end, so also Titan Alliance. But as we announce its retirement as an alliance on Henge of Denravi it is not with heavy hearts, but with fond remembrance and anticipation for the future.


    Together with ARMA, DIE, CND, DROW, DTD, ELITE, LUC, PRX, RMA, SOA, SYN, TRG, TRF, ULTD and YAKI we long before launch set up a pretty optimistic goal: to make HoD the most successfull Guild Wars 2 NA server.


    Since the launch of GW2 we've had 30 matchups and not lost a single one. We beat every server, every alliance and every opponent that stood before us. We succeeded.



    Strong Titans claiming a Orb of Power.


    There has been a lot of turmoil following our success, not least on the forums. We've let our actions speak louder than words ever could. We set out with the goal to win, and we won. Everything else is secondary.


    Titan Alliance accomplished its goal and the time as come to let the behemoth rest. For the good of the game and for our own enjoyment. We don't want matchups that are over after three days, we crave mayhem and destruction day in and day out!



    So, what's next for Titan Alliance?

    A couple of guilds have already left HoD in search for greener pastures. Some remain to keep fighting and yet some decided to call it quits in GW2.


    A comprehensive list can be found on gw2guru in the following post:




    What does the future hold for Ginnunga?

    Ginnunga is far from done in Guild Wars 2, but have yet to decide where we'll hang our hat. We're still weighing our options, trying to figure out where we'd have most fun and challenge.


    What we do know is that we've had a fantastic time as part of TA. We've made new friends from all around the world and have constantly been impressed by the level of cooperation and friendship that's been shown. We wish everyone the best of luck in future endeavours and hope too meet again, on either side of the battlefield.


    Rest well Titan, your name will forever bring joy in the hearts of Ginnunga.


    View attachment: gw026.jpg

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