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    The Final Countdown


    0It's less than 16 hours till the release of Ginnungas next big adventure, Guild Wars 2. For years the hype has been building, reaching astronomical proportions as we painfully endure the last few hours until we, for real, set foot upon Tyria.


    The servers, for those with headstart, are set to go live at 09.00 CET, but it has been said that they might come up as much as 3 hours early, so get ready to camp that login from 06.00.


    We've all been hit by the pre-release jitters, but what sets Ginnunga apart from the plebs is how we deal with it. Calmly. Focused. But, alas, we are not completely immune to excitement. During the last few days some members have been acting a tad odd, even more so than usual.



    Ernesto is so excited he forgot to go AFK last night, even though "Project Runway" was airing.

    Calyn is so excited he hasn't even cancelled his subscription yet.

    Depraved is so ol.. excited that the staff at the nursing home had to give him a double dose of sedatives for nap time.

    Argee is so excited he wrote an entire post without being condescending.

    Cogency is so excited he found four new hobbies (RC cars not included) to keep him occupied the last 24 hours.

    Ove is so excited he went out, got drunk and asked a girl to roleplay an Asura. She did.

    Drexa is so excited he sounded cheerful once on Teamspeak. Just once though.

    Kunasha is so excited he forgot he was pregnant.

    Meilink is always excited, so it's hard to say if he even knows there's a release coming.

    Llewela is so exited he drank an entire glass of water, before realising it wasn't champagne.

    Howley is so exited he's been naked since the gathering.


    So, as you can see we all have our ways of coping with the pressure that's building. In just a few hours we'll release all this frustration as we storm the servers in search for experience, blood, gold and glory.



    See you in game!



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