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    Why does everything look different?

    • https://www.ginnunga.org/uploads/monthly_02_2014/ccs-30034-0-59528600-1391530678.jpg



    Ginnunga has moved server host and took the opportunity to switch the software that ran the webpage to a new one.


    The old software was from 2004 and so heavily modified by us it was very hard to manage. I have been hesitant to switch due to the massive amount of work that had to be done.


    We have now pulled 16 hour shifts all weekend to get things up and running. There is still a lot of work to be done while we are restoring full functionality to the site.


    By the weekend, we are ready for you to start submitting feedback - If you start too early, it might be a waste of time.


    Known issues with the new website:

    • News aren't yet on the frontpage.
    • The layout is not perfect.
    • There is too much padding in some areas.
    • The headline font is jagged in chrome (Ironic since its googles font and googles browser).
    • Attachments are missing but might re-appear.
    • Posts with imagelinks to attachments are not working.
    • There are no thumbnails.
    • All private messages are gone. (They will stay gone, you can export your old inbox on the old forum).
    • All access is not properly adjusted yet.
    • Many of the static content pages are still missing.
    • Some areas of the forum do not have the proper coloring and style yet.
    • Some of your favourite emoticons are gone forever and will remain dead forever.
    • The theme does not yet work fully in mobile responsive.
    • Thread-view might be too wide.
    • Avatars are not yet in place - Import will not work for everyone - Grab your old one from the old forum and upload again if needed.
    • Titles based on post-count are gone.
    • Replacement script to make people who write "u" instead of "you" look silly not yet in place.
    • Drexa will be pissed things look different.

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