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    Guildleader of the Year Award 2012


    Guildleader of the Year Award 2012 recognizes the best guildleader of 2012 and possibly all time.



    • Ernesto


    • Ernesto

    Ginnunga is proud to present an exclusive interview with this years winner.


    Congratulations to the award Ernesto! Our readers would love to pick your brain a little.


    How long have you been a guildleader?

    13 years by now.



    What is your next game?

    We are going to be playing Guild Wars 2.



    Why did you win the award this year?

    It is fairly simple. A great guildleader is easily recognized by his prowess and intelligence. A good guildleader also rules with a firm hand. Forcing the guildmembers to vote for you is a small task, especially since a proper leader ensures that he is the only name on the ballot.



    We have heard that you are often refered to as a King, or simply The King™, when did you first receive this title?

    I first gained my crown when I slayed the mighty red dragon Lord Nagafen in the year 2000. The peasants thought that if they'd refer to me as their king, I would share the treasure. Naturally I did not.



    King Laurent Dragonbane by the carcass of the mighty Lord Nagafen.



    Being such a fantastic guildleader, we presume that you never have any problems controlling the commoners. Would you have any advice to the other guildleaders out there?

    Rule by fear. Kill everyone, all the time. If someone questions you, you have been too slow at killing them. Never react to events, be proactive and ensure absolute dominance from the get-go.


    The guildmembers that survive the first onslaught will love you for your power, but it is also important to keep them in that state, so you do not have to kill more of them. The easiest way to do this is to pretend that you are kind and just. Redistribute some of the taxes that they are caned into giving you. Less than a percent of your wealth is an appropriate number. That way, the silly fools will think that they have economic safety under your wings.


    Ensure to project your power with such force that even your enemies will want to bathe in your radiance. Slaves are very receptive to such things.




    Even the enemies recognizes the authority of a King.



    Classic management theory dictates that one should rule by example, what is your take on this?

    This is actually true, and quite simple for someone of my caliber. Be the first to charge in, be the one that kills the most and punish the weak. The weak enjoys being punished by their betters and since everyone wants to be like me, there is a chain of punishment leading down to the weakest, who hopefully gets punished so severely that they fall down. When they have fallen down, it is fairly easy to take all their possessions and adding it to my personal guildbank and then dispose of the fallen. The guildmembers will happily bury one of their own for a few copperscraps, or for free, if you just threaten them sufficiently.



    Other than being the strongest and the best at everything, are there any other things that a guildleader could do to become Guild Leader of the Year?

    I like to collect symbols of victory and power. A great example was my castle of Oren which came with a pet dragon that I obtained by forcing people to give it to me, as a gift of reverence.




    King Ernesto on his pet Dragon.



    Would you consider yourself a fair and just guildleader?

    Absolutely, I am always right in everything and hence, everything I do must then be fair and just.



    This all sounds absolutely amazing. It must be such a privilege to be a part of a guild led by the Guildleader of the Year 2012. How do I become one of your loyal followers?

    You can read about our Recruitment in Guild Wars 2 and follow the instructions. I am very keen on groveling and long winded letters of declared obedience, so the longer and well written the application, the better.


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