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    Fresh pigs for the pen

    • Ginnunga keeps growing in Black Desert Online on Croxus and meanwhile fresh recruits join our ranks a few hardened veterans have achieved the noble status of members. But being a member of Ginnunga is often more than you might have bargained for...

    In a recent discussion our resident chimpanze said "You are not a member of Ginnunga – You are a part of Ginnunga". He didn't actually put it quite that eliquivent, but he was damn close, and it got me thinking.


    A lot of guilds recruit seemingly at random. If someone fits a gear requirement or certain class they're in, if not they're out. And sure, we do require or look for certain things, but what's always been the most sought after quality when Ginnunga recruits is being awesome. It's a tricky trait to quantify, but obvious when you find it.

    We're looking for the kind of people who stick around for years and years after our current game is dead and gone. The kind of people we share good and bad times with over late night conversations on coms. The kind of people who give us a push when we need it, and space when it's desired. The kind of people who become friends.


    Today we're equally proud and happy to welcome Ashelor, Fong and Papercuts in our midst. May your days be ever filled with truffles and sunshine little piggies, go forth and make us proud!


    And as some take the step to member, others stumble in to take their place as recruits. We've yet to learn if Zapfcarn, Minoxi, Scorpus, Rangera or Minipink are people we'll years from now come to consider as friends, but we're eager to find out. Welcome, we all hope you'll come to find a home here as many have before you.


    We'll be back with more ingame related news asap, we just have a few quests left to do... and a few farms left to tend... and a few wars left to fight... Yeah.


    Til next time, see you in the desert.

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