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    Welcome to Roys Chicken Chokin' Ranch

    • Ginnunga Industries are proud to announce the opening of our new office in 8P9-BM at the newly built station Roys Chicken Chokin' Ranch!

      When a realtor* approached our elite group** today with the unique*** offer to become one of only ten tenants before the station opened**** for business we realized it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Finally our struggle to become an important***** part of Providence bore fruit******. At 30 000 000 ISK per month it was a bargain******* we simply could not pass up!


    Truth check

    * = No. No realtor. I lied.

    ** = Well, we ARE at least a group. I think. Some just call us a mistake.

    *** = Limited to almost everyone playing EVE.

    **** = We snuck in early uninvited, much like rodents.

    ***** = There are asteroids most would care more about. Really. We're that insignificant. I once had a pet asteroid named Ruben though, but that might not be pertinent.

    ******= I once had a pet fruit named... No.

    ******* = We're being ripped off. Badly. Like, my wallet physically hurts.





    This fine piece of real estate is located smack in the middle of North Providence, a mere jump away from CVA:s bustling staging system F-YH5B where fleets depart around the clock.

    For the commuters it's only a short intersystem warp to a jump bridge connecting you to B-WPLZ, which in turn is two jumps from the safety of Dital. Getting to Highsec has never been this easy!


    *lost picture*

    That's her. Old Roy. Wait, what?!



    8P9-BM is one of Providence up and coming systems and offers a plethora of activities for both young and old. There are beautiful asteroid belts to mine, scary pirates to shoot and all the gatecamps you could possibly want to ensure you'll never have a shortage of wrecks to cry over.



    The station currently sports a state of the art refining facility, perfect for crunching tasty spacerocks. For the adventurous there's a brand new medical facility prepared to hold clones and guaranteed to keep your skill points safe. And don't worry if your ships get scratched while out and about, repairing at Roys Chicken Chokin' Ranch is always free of charge!



    On a more serious note, this is Ginnunga Industries first Nullsec office and we're actually quite proud. As you may know most things in EVE is built by players, including this whole station. Work began this summer and since then industrialists of Sev3rance and Sanctuary Pact have been working around the clock to make this happen. Gathering ore, refining it into minerals, shipping minerals to production facilities where smaller components have been built which in turn have been hauled back and forth to larger industrial complexes so that the actual station could be manufactured.


    The station is the culmination of four months work.

    (That's at least three months longer than Calyn on average plays a game!)


    Many of us started out EVE as miners and it's pretty awesome realizing that the ore we mined from asteroids during spring and summer, which we sold to the alliance, have been used to build an actual station. That there are small small parts of us, of our work, in this gigantic heap of metal.

    We've helped create something that will remain in New Eden forever. Something that thousands of people will see and visit. Some will pass by quickly, not giving the station a second glanze. Some might shoot at it, trying to claim ownership. Some will simply dock up, repair and be on their way.


    And some, like us, will call it home.



    Someone very likely not named Roy choking a chicken. Because, why not.

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