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    Providence Burning

    • "Our arrows will blot out the sun

      Then we will fight in the shade"


      The above picture was taken last night in 9UY4-H, a centrally located solar system in the region of New Eden known as Providence. The region which Ginnunga currently calls home.

      The Ravens, a battleship class vessel with a wingspan of roughly 1 kilometer, belong to the alliance Insidious Empire. They had come to burn our home.


      The question "Why would they ever do such a thing" is justified, but the answer is intricate. To understand one would need at least a glimpse into the mechanics of EVE. For those curious I will try to provide a crash course.

    This is New Eden


    Dots... So many dots.



    EVE consists of roughly 5000 solar systems in the known universe called New Eden. These are split into two distinct categories.


    Empire Space - Home of the four major NPC Empires: Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. To varying degrees these solar systems are patrolled by CONCORD (Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command), aka the NPC space police. You can attack anyone even in these systems, but CONCORD will quickly arrive to blow your ship up in return.

    Empire Space is divided into High Security space (HighSec) and Low Security space (LowSec), but that's of little importance. I mention it since the naming convention comes into play in just a few lines.

    You can't own territory anywhere in Empire Space.

    On the map above Empire Space are the solar systems colored green to orange.


    NullSec - Short for "Null Security" which well explains what goes here. There's no CONCORD. Anyone can attack anyone without NPC interference.

    NullSec is further divided into two parts, NPC NullSec and Claimable NullSec.

    NPC Nullsec has stations controlled by the four NPC factions. You're still free to attack anyone, but will at least have a place to park your ship when the going gets tough. You can't own territory here.

    Claimable Nullsec once had nothing. Every station here has been manufactured, built and placed by players. Corporations or alliances can claim sovereignty over systems, making them their own. Most of the fighting in EVE revolves around Claimable Nullsec. The motivation to own solar systems can vary, but usually boils down to money (called ISK) and/or prestige.

    On the map above NullSec are the solar systems colored red.



    Current map of sovereignty

    *lost in crash*

    Colored areas are held by players, rest by NPC.



    This map constantly changes, day by day. During the 10 years since EVE launched enormous empires have come and gone with the ebb and flow of warfare.


    Our home, Providence, is located towards the centre, on the border to Empire Space. On the map it is an orange area with the name "Curatores Veritatis Alliance" barely visible. CVA is the main alliance controlling Providence. In turn one of their close allies are "Sev3rance". In their systems lives the small alliance "Sanctuary Pact" of which Ginnunga is a part.

    It might be confusing, I fully understand, but I wanted to give just a small example of the politics in EVE. A post as brief as this can't do it justice, but it'll have to suffice.



    *lost in crash*




    Providence is unique in New Eden. Where most NullSec-alliances let no one but themselves and friends live inside their space (governed by roaming pvp-fleets shooting the living shit out of anyone not meant to be there) Providence has a NRDS policy. Not Red Don't Shoot. Red in EVE denominates enemy. Anyone that is not explicitly an enemy is thus free to live in Providence.


    There are however rules, even in Providence. Not long ago a corporation called "Of Sound Mind" lived peacefully in Providence. Or, not so peacefully as it would turn out. They had issues with how things were run and started stirring shit up. CVA reacted, declared them red and war broke out. Of Sound Mind in itself would have been a snack for CVA, but the war attracted attention. Providence was suddenly flooded by much larger alliances from all around New Eden, most intent on fighting CVA.

    Looking at the map it's obvious Providence is a rather small region. It's also for varying reasons not worth as much as other regions. Most alliances therefore doesn't give much thought about what happens there, but often swing by to pick fights.

    The war with Of Sound Mind came at a time of relative peace in many areas of New Eden. Large NullSec-alliances had time to spare and ships to blow up, so why not blow them up in Providence?


    After a few bloody days a peace treaty was made. Of Sound Mind agreed to leave Providence, and CVA let them do so peacefully. But peace never lasts in New Eden.


    Of Sound Mind looked for a new place to live and new allies. They came under the wing of Insidious Empire and Pandemic Legion, two much larger alliances. On the sovereignty-map they are located in the North East, Pandemic Legion under the tag "Brothers of Tangra".


    This somewhat leads us to last week. Red activity in Providence has been steadily increasing recently, much due to the mentioned relative peace in EVE at large. Insidious Empire and Pandemic Legion have no other major engagements and thus decided to make Providence their target, cheered on by Of Sound Mind who are severely bitter about being thrown out on their asses.


    So war once again struck Providence.


    *lost in crash*

    Look, it's a unrelated picture of spaceships!



    This time though the scale of it is larger. CVA and its allies can field upwards of 400 pilots. Yesterday the solar system 9UY4-H had a peak of 1400 players. The day before that number was 1600.

    The deployment of Pandemic Legion and Insidious Empire to Providence has stirred other NullSec-alliances. During the weekend more or less every major alliance in EVE made some form of showing. They're not going all in, but rather sending smaller fun fleets consisting of anywhere from 70 to 300 people. "Fun".


    So Providence burns. Our stations are being camped, our stargates patrolled by cloaked bombers and the skies are darkened by enemy fleets in search for blood.It's one of the best MMO experiences I've had!


    This post started with the idea of just showing a neat picture, but turned into something completely different. A monstrosity. It should probably not be allowed to live, but since I happened to write it someone might find it remotely interesting enough to read.


    Now I'll go self destruct my pod.


    Fly safe.


    P.S. All mentioned conflicts are alot more complex than described. Some creative liberties has been taken to keep it as short as possible.

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