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    Ginnunga gets a statue in Reykjavik

    • It's been a long time coming, but finally someone has realized that the heroes of Ginnunga are worth immortalizing in a very real way. We're getting our own monument, placed in Reykjavik, Iceland.


      Ok, it MIGHT not be "our own". We MIGHT be sharing it with the rest of EVE. Still pretty epic.


      Meanwhile EVE is growing as never before. It's been two weeks since The Bloodbath of B-R5RB and new players are flocking to become a part of the only sandbox MMO. Not a bad way to start off a second decade in the history of EVE.


      More about the monument and the clusters of rookie pilots getting blown up in the full story.




    EVE recently celebrated it's 10th birthday and there have been celebrations all over, both ingame and out in the real world. As a final act before turning the page towards the next decade CCP, the developer behind the game, are creating a monument in Reykjavik upon which every active account will be immortalized.

    Ginnunga members like Kunasha, Cupe, Sinful, Chimp and Cogency will be able to visit Iceland and find their pilots name etched into the monument.

    The statue will stand over five meters tall and will consist of two main elements facing each other through a highly polished stainless steel surface in the middle. On the left side of the model stands a dark aluminium structure with a quote from the EVE Universe and on the right a dark granite facial figure representing the players.




    The CEO of CCP Games, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, went into further detail about the monument:



    What we have created together in EVE Online in the past decade is stunningly beautiful and inspiring.


    The cumulative destructive power displayed in game over the years holds the same sort of beauty as a violent volcanic eruption, a creative destruction. The camaraderie between pilots, where true, enduring friendships are forged through common goals or even happenstance--another sort of beauty. Beauty between millions of players woven together in an infinitely complicated narrative that, at its base, exists as 1s and 0s but truly is birthed upon the imaginations and inventiveness of human beings who are worlds apart.


    There is beauty in the nebulae that surrounds us and the planets below, in the wobbliness of a near-collapsed wormhole and in the glint of one of seven thousand suns as it crests New Eden’s golden hulls.


    There is beauty in the barking of the fleet commander, in the successful transport run through enemy territory, and even in the phone call you take to join your Coalition in the middle of your night.


    There is beauty in the speeches you give to declare war, in the advice you give to pilots younger than you, and in the words you use to tell of your adventures because they are so compelling in your memories you cannot help but chronicle them.


    There is beauty in that first time you undock, in the first ship you lose, and in the first ship you destroy.


    There is beauty in each player’s odyssey and there is beauty in the fact that no two journeys are alike.


    There is beauty in EVE’s progenitors and creators as well—those who shaped a singularity of vision for a bold science fiction universe where death is a serious matter. There is beauty in the undaunted will to see that vision compounded, year after year, decade after decade.


    There is true, real beauty amidst the stars we call home.


    This beauty is a new form of art. A form that is only starting to be noticed but one we’ve known has been here all along.


    Everyone who has touched EVE over the years has been witness to this art and has helped to create it. Some of them were prolific painters, dashing bold colors across the canvas of the universe. Others humbly scribbling in solitude in an empty solar system. Some were art dealers and of course others were critics. But every single contributor to EVE is undeniably part of this beauty. Each an artist.


    At CCP this fact is not lost on us and only becomes more apparent every passing day, week, month and year as we see the EVE universe evolve with your collaboration.


    This past year EVE Online was part of the inaugural class of fourteen video games inducted into The Museum of Modern Art in New York for their innovation in design. In the installation that followed we captured a macro view of a single day in the EVE Universe to highlight the “living nature” of the game for museum-goers. To us, the game is less about our design and more about the true society that inhabits it. A society that is both virtual and real.


    As we turn our gaze to the second decade of EVE, we have one more way we feel we must honor our first, anchor our creation in time and create a focal point that will gather energy and endure for decades to come.


    We would like to, as best as we can, reflect the same beauty that you have shown us. To make you into art. To honor you in the real world as much as you have earned in the virtual. To immortalize the already immortal pilots of EVE.


    To that end we are creating a monument to all EVE players whether they are currently flying or who have long docked their ships. A monument to players who are living and with us or who have sadly passed on.


    While most of our monuments have, up until this point, existed in game, this one will be placed in beautiful Reykjavik harbor and be donated to the city where EVE was first born so many years ago—the northernmost capital city on Earth.


    With the monument, entitled “Worlds Within a World”, we seek to honor the EVE’s developers (past and present), the volunteers, our partners and even the citizens of Reykjavik—all for the parts they play in this universe.


    The monument will stand testament to the collective and manifested will of hundreds of thousands of gamers, dreamers, leaders, wingmen, pirates, betrayers, victors and defeated.


    It will represent the past but also serve as a symbol for the journey to come—our commitment to this virtual universe and to the beauty it has brought into our lives. It is our hope that over the years this piece will grow in all of our hearts and that visiting it will be a part of every trip taken by a Fanfest attendee or a visitor to Iceland.


    We hope that it will, in a beautiful cosmic way, gather all our emotions and simplify what we have created together into one, universal distillation.


    And finally, we hope that it helps you understand how grateful we are to you, our bold capsuleers, for every second you have spent with us.




    - CCP Hellmar - Hilmar Veigar Pétursson - CEO of CCP



    In other news it's been two weeks since since The Bloodbath of B-R5RB where a staggering 11 trillion ISK (the ingame currency) was blown up, a sum which with good efficiency would take about 100 000 man-hours to farm or could equate to over $300.000.

    The battle, which was the most destructive in EVEs history, made a splash in media outlets such as BBC which led to a huge influx of new players.


    The battle took place on the anniversary of another historical EVE clash, The Battle of Asakai. That too got media coverage a year ago, and new people flocked.


    So, which battle attracted most new people? Luckily The Nosy Gamer crunched the numbers.




    As you can see a normal day in EVE 2014 about 3000 new characters are created. The week following B-R that number rose to 10 000, so more than 50 000 extra pilots. CCP are very secretive regarding the number of accounts, so what that really means is rather hard to determine. What's clear is that space has never been this busy and you can't fire a missile salvo without hitting a rookie pilot. Good times.

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