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    D3... No, wait, D(ing)100!

    • For most Ginnungans Diablo 3 was a passionate, but short lasting, romance. We charged in, kicked copious amounts of ass, and were out the door like a barbarian whirlwind.

      But some lingered. Some refused to give up the carnage. Some wanted more blood, more items, more experience and more trophies. Some were not satisfied. One of those was our Belgium Brawler, Eaglix.

      Early on he set a goal for himself, to not only beat Hardcore, where your character is lost when you die, but to completely and utterly dominate it. During the months he has posted regular updates of his progress. We congratulated him when he hit Paragon level 60. Then 70, And then 80, AND THEN 90!


      But Eaglix wasn't satisfied. Eaglix didn't settle for anything but perfection.


    So he kept on fighting. Kept on leaping into monsters. Kept on slaying and pillaging the darkest corners of the Diablo universe. Kept on pushing and pushing, until finally the 11th of april it happened.




    Eaglix became the 435th hardcore paragon level 100 character in the world and 138th in Europe. For a game that has sold over 12 000 000 copies (that's twelve MILLION children!) world wide, that's certainly something to take pride in.


    We of course caught up with our legendary barbarian for a few questions:


    When were you the closest to dying?

    I was close to dying more than once, but it's hard to say when the closest time was. In certain situations you can be close to dying with 100% hit points. It only takes getting stuck when you shouldn't. I remember getting stuck a few times when I was in the Paragon level 90s. I was lucky to get out each time, but it was only a matter of seconds.

    I am still mortal and always will be. Death really lurks around every corner. I learned never to make plans on hardcore, as I can be dead the very next click.


    Did you ever feel like giving up?

    The road was very long. Where you need about 2 million experience for the first Paragon level, you need 320 million for the last. If it wasn't for all the people I met and played with I would never have had the courage to go on.

    Therefore I also want to thank everyone who supported me during this long journey. I met a lof of nice people from different countries all over Europe.


    What is the next goal?

    As I said before, I learned not to make goals when playing Hardcore. I will still play this character to try my luck in finding more awesome items, but I also got a Monk ready to be leveled.

    In the end I'd like to get all 5 Diablo classes going on Hardcore, but I don't know yet if it would be for casual leveling or to try another Paragon 100. Only time will tell.


    Any shout-outs?

    I want to give a shout-out to SickChicken for being the first Ginnungan I played with on Hardcore. We went from 0 to 60 together. We did die on the way, but we both eventually got there.

    I also want to thank Dakiestu for the many Paragon hunts we did together. Qanelar also, who joined us for a quick 30 Paragon levels. Both very nice Ginnungans to play with.

    I also want to greet my two closest followers on the softcore side, TheJudge, who is currently Paragon level 99, and Shades, who is 96.

    Foxdies, for being my inspiration when I started playing Hardcore (he had already quit though).

    Trenix, Aganom, Swiftpwns, Zyphi, Archantos, Dendil and the many other Ginnungans (can't name you all guys) who sent me encouraging chat messages along the way!

    Last but not least (not Ginnungans this time) the many players I encountered on this long journey. Specially the Lithuanian people and co on skype and more recently the Germans on TeamSpeak! Definitely a nice community out there.


    There you have it, the words of a true beast. Once again, congratulations from us all!

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