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    We spread for the lord!

    • There is only one lord, and his name is Cogency. In his name we've opened our hearts, spread our... hearts and welcomed new brothers and sisters in our ranks.


      But why is Ginnunga growing so quick? Who's out there doing the lords work, bringing his sheep home? Read all about it in the full post.

    There is only one lord, and his name is Cogency. In his name we've opened our hearts, spread our... hearts and welcomed new brothers and sisters in our ranks.


    Ginnunga has always made it our number one priority to help those in need (right after having fun and being awesome), so when we heard the cry of a thousand (20ish) lost souls we could not sit idly by.


    The guild Reliant on the Black Desert Online server Croxus recently fell on hard times. But as Lord Cogency often says "It's always darkest just before dawn". And dawn came in the shape of a heart.


    We generally aren't very fond of taking in big groups of people. Our long history in gaming has taught us it seldomly turns out well. There's often a bad apple we don't want, and that bad apple drags the good apples down and when you try to make äppelmust (google translate) out of the lot it turns to shit.


    But we've also learned not to pass up a good deal when we see one and after discussions with this particular group we realised they were simply too good to pass up.


    They've already been with us a week, but it's time we in a more official manner welcomed the ex Reliants into our ranks.


    So *deep breath* Fluffypops, Chasiin, Ayleene, Esparza, Wennom, ItBurnsWhenIPee, Friedman, Plague, Crusader, Musashi_Miyamoto, Marakai, Ravane, IsHijWeer, Absent, Dedious, Dresan, Enilion, Archfiend, Marit, Zem, Vernii, Fallinn, Rekaii, Gluekskekz, JustAveraqe, UchikLoL and Twiddlewood, WELCOME as trials of Ginnunga!


    May you ever walk in the light of our lord and slay migmugs in the name of the heart.


    Some of our older trials have also managed to endure the intense mental strain of their test period and passed with almost flying colors. Hence we've accepted Zapfcarn, Warcrier, Mitxuko and Tangha as full members of Ginnunga! We hope to have you around for years to come.

    We'll be back with more actual news shortly, we're just kind of busy winning at everything right now.


    Til next time, see you in the desert.

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    I have you also down as Wennom for some reason :o

    Yaay it makes sense! My family name is Wenom. I tend to forget about it...My bad :D

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