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    Kings of Valencia


    By Ernesto, in Black Desert Online,

    The forces of Ginnunga have had a tradition of owning castles. One of our goals as a guild in Black Desert Online was to yet again call a windy, cold castle our own.


    This weekends siege and the week of planning and manoeuvring led to just that.


    After helping our friends claim Hydrael the earlier week, there was a strong consensus that we needed a new territory. The previous weeks drama over Calpheon had yet again shifted the landscape among the besieging guilds. We have had several weeks of bad relations with Shadow Elite, not only consisting of rude remarks from their leader, but also severe issues with some of their griefing members (supported by their guild leader). This couldn't stand, so after 5 days of lobbying and scouting, a situation was created where we knew we would have a chance of claiming Valencia. Together with our friends Hydra and our hired mercenaries KHAOS, we planted our forts in Valencia with just a few hours left of the timer.


    When the siege began, we found the castles defenses fully ready, but deserted, so we quickly took down the enemy tent and then redirected our forces in taking out the fifth contender: Brodiccted.


    We knew from the previous week that Brodiccted were a formidable defender, so we mounted a full offensive, including three elephants and 8 cannons.

    While we were easily able to break into their base, they were quickly dispatching our cannon teams who due to our low numbers, were not defended heavily.


    After 2 hours, we dispatched Hydra back to Hydrael to ward off Urna, and Brodiccted took down their flag. The Castle was ours.


    The original plan was to let Serendia go, but no one planted there other than Urna and Hydra were not ready to give it to them without a fight.

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    Well, you could be anyone in that picture, could you not?

    Nicely done though guys. :)

    Holding Serendia is a very lovely cherry on top. 

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