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    Give me a W-A-R!

    • "War is a state of armed conflict between societies. It is generally characterized by extreme collective aggression, destruction, and usually high mortality."


      It's also fun as fuck, specially if you read the full story.


    Ginnunga has always been about the fights. About the glory. About heads held high no matter the outcome.


    We've won and lost countless wars during the years. Conquered entire games, as with Titan Alliance in Guild Wars 2, servers as in Lineage 2 or multi world battles as in Elder Scrolls Online.


    To us the arena doesn't matter, it's about standing shoulder by shoulder besides sisters and brothers and putting ourselves to the test.


    Our enemies know that drawing steel against the heart means there'll be blood. Even in the face of certain defeat we'll fight. Even when we know we'll get beat we show up. Enduring flames only makes us more determined. Tempering a blade only makes it stronger.


    Black Desert Online hasn't even had its full features of wars implemented, but our kills already number in the thousands. We've had fair fights, bad fights, good fights and we've been crushed. It's not all the same, but part of the game.



    At the end of the day we've dished out far more pain than we've received. We're proud of our results and the efforts of our members.


    Now the node wars are coming. Soon the deserted castles of Mediah, Balenos, Calpheon and Serendia will make up the scenery of the biggest battles Black Desert Online has seen.



    We're not sure we'll come out on top in the coming weeks. We're not sure Cogency will wear a crown or if we'll be left fighting for crumbs from the lords table.


    What we're sure of is that we'll be there. Side by side. Shoulder by shoulder.


    Those who draw steel against the heart better know there'll be blood.

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    In all the years i've bin playing mmo's I have bin in so much different guild.

    But i have never ever seen such a good article writer as you Sinful.

    This is such a great read and a morale boost.


    Thank you and really looking forward to future articles!

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    SInful. Every so often we need something to get the beats of our old hearts beating once more... to get that blood pumping...

    Nailed it.

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    Sinful you are a legitimate wordsmith!


    Ps. Can we get a heart button to show how stronk posts like these are. Ds.

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