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    Ginnunga leaves Black Desert Online


    By Sinful, in Black Desert Online,

    It's been a year to remember in Ginnunga. We got thrown into the world of Black Desert Online on a whim and it ended up being a epic adventure with wars, diplomacy, new friends and more success than we could have hoped for.

    But, alas, all good things must come to an end. We've held up a incredible high activity compared to our last couple games, but even fielding 40 people didn't cut it as the server merge changed the face of wars. The constant need to recruit and manage became more of a job than fun, so we decided the best choice for all of our members who still enjoy the game was to drop Black Desert Online as a active chapter of Ginnunga.

    This wasn't the bitter end to a period of dwindling activity (except for our leaders who got a bit fat and lazy towards the end), instead we decided to change the course while we still stood strong. We've learned our lesson from previous games and thus could see that without a major change we would surely be headed downhill. I'm personally happy we made the choice and I'm convinced all of my brothers and sisters who keeps playing enjoy the game more for it.

    Because we didn't just disband and go our merry ways, we found a new home for every single one of our active players who wanted one with the guild Vikings on Shrooms. A gaming community with above average age and a mentality which closely resembles Ginnunga. The new entity, currently called VoS in game, have already proved to be a force to reckon with in wars and conquests and will give our members the best opportunities to enjoy all that BDO still has to offer. So we stay together, in a new enviroment, fighting with the same brothers and sisters side by side. Vikings with a heart.

    There are too many new friends to thank, from fresh Ginnungans to allied guilds, so we'll cop out and just say that's it's been a pleasure playing Black Desert Online with all of you.

    Ginnunga is of course ever going strong as a gaming community and as for MMORPGs we're currently looking at both Crowfall and Camelot Unchained, but who knows when the next unexpected korean grindy piece of sh... BDO comes along.

    We're also looking forward to this years gathering, which will be held in Rotterdam in april. We hope to see as many Ginnungas there as possible!

    Much love to everyone who's been here for the journey, and we'll see you in the next game if not before.

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    It's been a blast. I'll never forget the last few weeks which brought the curtain down on croxus. <3

    Until the next time, my fellow hearts. Let's enjoy being Vikings for a while in the mean time. 

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