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    • It's been a good league, and I've done things I haven't before. Chain run T16's, farmed both Shaper and Elder, farmed endboss etc. Highly recommend giving this league a go, at least to learn a bit about the new atlas and get a feel for it.  After ~100 hours I lost interest in my build the last couple days and didn't know what to play. Decided to leave it up to fate and spent ~50ex trying to ancient orb a HH. Failed, but it was a fun gamble and a nice send of to one of my most enjoyable leagues.   I am already looking forward to next league though, might jump back into it two leagues in a row this time
    • Yea my league's will never be as good as the one I got headhunter belt. That belt is just so much fun to play with,
    • im either done with the league or maybe try to make ice shot / barrage work. Legion still best league ever
    • All of a sudden i feel like making a Winder Orb build.. a league to late.. but still
    • yea, he routinely gets 600k es 😛
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