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    26 days later we're letting apes run the show

    • It's almost hard to believe it's not even been a month since the launch of Black Desert Online. Quite a few of us have experienced a sense of immersion not seen since the days of... what came before BDO again? Do we even care?


      In the relative short time we've spent in this game we've won wars, lost wars, gotten, rich, gotten poor, played the politics, got played by the same and we're loving almost every minute of it. Not the minutes we fail 35 stones in a row (/comf Fastas), but every other minute.


      And the best part is: We're just getting started!


      To learn more about our recent adventures, and why we're being bossed around by a monkey, read the full article.


    26 days ago we stormed head first into a game most of us had only a heard briefly about not weeks prior to launch. And maybe it was the lack of expectations, maybe not, but Ginnunga has fallen madly, deeply, truly in love with Black Desert Online.


    Of our current in game roster of 50 we're 47 actively playing, and the remaining 3 are prohibited by rl reasons. The level of activity has seldom been this high, and we're recruiting to further bolster our ranks.


    Besides the myriad of activities like leveling, gathering, producing boats, fishing, farming and what not, we've of course gotten our fair share of bloodshed. We have been, or are, in open war with NihilumRed, Rain, Addicted and Nesert Diggers to name a few. We've gotten badly beaten at points, and slaughtered migmugs in droves at others. Our years of PvP experience helps us to keep a cool head when the going gets tough, and lets us evaluate every battle to further hone our skills.


    One of the major driving forces behind our PvP team is Ginnungas most recent addition to the team of officers, Chimp. His unparalleled playing time has secured him a spot among the servers highest leveled rangers and he's constantly either fighting or schooling the rest of us in how to fight.

    In addition he's hosting a regular Sunday night brawl at a local arena. We share tips and tricks for PvP and once we're fed up with the apes squeaking we duke it out Ginnunga-style. Here's some recent screenshots from the last brawl, which was by all intents and purposes a huge success.






    We'd also like to welcome our latest band of recruits: Laowai, Skullcrusher and Handsken. We hope they don't go bananas and look forward to having them as a part of the Ginnunga family.


    If you're interested in applying to Ginnunga feel free to contact SinfulSaint, Fastas, Cogency or Wigglr in game for a chat.


    Until next time, see you in the desert!

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