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    ArcheAge Online, best game ever?

    • https://www.ginnunga.org/uploads/monthly_02_2014/ccs-30034-0-53586300-1392461373.jpg

    We have come across a new MMO, ArcheAge Online, its currently still in developement and ofcourse its way to early to tell if this is the "new" best game ever. But from what we've seen, this has potential to be a great game.


    It is currently in closed beta (without NDA) in Korea, supposed to release in November this year in Korea, and in Q1 in the west (but there is no publisher yet). They don't claim to "westernize" the game, it already seems to be less asian than Aion or TERA. It's using CryEngine 3. A few of the developers were involved in L2.


    The game is supposed to have a PvE part comparable to WoW and PvP part comparable to L2, but what sets it apart from other MMOs are the sandbox features.

    • Classes: 4 Archetypes OR custom like in UO. You have 10 skillsets to choose from and can have 3 active at any given time.
    • The world is seamless and consists of 3 massive continents, one of them is supposed to allow players to build and siege their own castles, the other two are held by NPC factions. There are ships but no teleport.
    • Housing: Extensive housing system lets players plant down houses of different sizes in any free spot in the world similar to UO, and expand them with crafting items or NPCs. You will be able to build villages and one of the videos shows players building a shipyard and ships.
    • Labor Points: These are used in crafting or other activities and accumulate over time even while offline.
    • Factions: In addition to NPC factions, players can create their own. Attacking a member of your own faction on PvP servers will flag you as a criminal (or cause you to go to trial, unclear), you can go to jail in this game.
    • There is mounted combat - your mount can level up and gain new abilities - as well as naval battle which looks similar to Darkfall.



    Much more info and videos on these fansites:




    View attachment: archage_screenshot.jpg

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    <3 the housing system in UO. Actually I loved everything in UO before they added that stupid trammel care bear stuff. Pvp was great because it required skill to be good, and you lost all your gear if you got killed. Bring it back with new gfx imo :)

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