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    • 2008-2009

    Having more than a few members that started their MMO careers in DAoC, we were excited to be playing another Mythic MMO.

    After participating in the guild beta, we were eagerly anticipating launch. The game showed great promise. We chose Karak-Hirn as our home server, and there we found a fantastic community of friends and foes.We created the legendary and marvellous Ineffables alliance, with the Phoenix and Renegade legions.

    After many awesome battles, pairing crashes due to fortress raids, server chrashes, punting people into the lava of Tor Anroc, being punted into the lava of Tor Anroc, Cogency owning the enemy realm lord(depicted below), legendary warfront fights against Explicit Content and other assorted badassery, we were told that Hirn would be shut down. We were being forcibly evicted from this heaven of a server.




    We were then shipped off to Karak-Norn. There, we found even more server lag. Even more pairing crashes, and even more of all the things that made the game such a huge disappointment. While we did not lose faith immediately, eventually the technical issues with the game bled us dry, and we retired the Warhammer section of the guild.

    Thank you, Mythic. You fucking wankers.


    Here are som statistics proving how awesome we were.

    http://www.warhammeralliance.com/forums/showthread.php?t=127 195

    Copy of link preserved here - Post by Snort 10-09-2008 at 03:45 AM..

    My source btw http://www.wardb.com/search.aspx?bro...ilters=1003=39



    The stats have updated on wardb so I thought I would go through them again. They are correct as they go to print. They make a snapshot of where guilds stand at one moment in time.


    Largest Guild is Celtic Leaf Army with 216 (Previously was Phoneic legion)


    Largest Destruction and 2nd largest over all is Slaughter .(They recently culled some members and alts, previously had 273)


    Of the top ten guilds 6 are Order and 4 are Destruction.(An increase in 1 by destruction)


    Top 3 Order (Membership)

    Celtic leaf 216

    Phoenix legion 187

    EZ 138


    Top 3 Destruction (Membership)


    Slaughter 201

    Ancient Shadows 139

    Smelly and Scary 131


    Top 10 Order have 1321 members combined (Previously 1073)


    Top 10 Destro have 1206 members combined. (Previously 1098)


    There are 104 Destro guilds.( up from 62)


    There are 97 Order guilds. (up from 52)


    In terms of Rank Shadow Legion are top with 17.


    The top Order guild is Ginunga with 16.


    In the top 10 in terms of guild rank 6 are Destro, 4 Order. (an increase of 1 for Order)


    I had a look at raw renown.


    Top 3 Order Renown:


    Ginunga 8.8

    EZ 5.7

    Sylvan Blades 6.4 (Have replaced Phoenix Legion)


    Total membership 346


    Top 3 Destro Renown:

    Unnamed 6.0

    Sisu 5.7

    Darkwind 5.4 (replacing slaughter in top 3)


    Total membership 233


    Top Ten:


    Renown for Order 52.1


    Renown for Destro 40.1



    Libertine was interested in renown per player so lets have a look


    I have taken the top 3 guilds in terms of raw renown and divided by membership.


    Top 3 Order


    Ginnunga 95000

    EZ 41000

    Sylvan Blades 47000


    Total membership 346


    Top 3 Destro


    Darkwind 88000

    Sizu 73000

    Unnamed 63000







    Whats this rells us I am not sure.

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