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    • 2010-2011


    Rift was a great game. It was polished and ran well on the machines, had copied nearly everything good in WoW pretty much straight off and added a few extra nice features. Trion had done a really good job and we were impressed from the start.


    We knew that this was mainly a PvE game, but we had nothing better to do than to give it a go.


    We did what we usually set out to do and cleared as much of the PvE content that was possible. Admittedly some of the end content was very rough and demanded a significant effort in farming gear, as well as waiting for balancing and bug fixes. Nothing unusual for sure and we do not mind beating our heads into bugs when being among the first to head into PvE content, we just expect it to be fixed rapidly and Trion mostly delivered there.



    The PvP





    Ernesto was constantly better than Argee

    When not doing the PvE raids, we had tons of fun in the scenarios but they had not been bracketed in any way, so what we refer to as "pub-stomping" occurred way too often. It is not fun for anyone when the scores are 500 - 0. One of many things we like in sceanrios and battlegrounds is the inclusion of proper combat statistics. Being able to compete against your teammates as well as your enemies make for fun gameplay, at least for us who are at times, quite competitive.


    The PvP in the open world was also great. While there were not true objectives to fight over, we had some really exciting fights in some of the dynamic rift events, as well as engaging raidgroups preparing to go on dragon slaying adventures.


    The combat was very similair to WoW and WAR so it was very easy for us to accomodate. The classic assist style combat with holy trinity setups was fun, while not anything new.







    The PvE

    While we do find PvE challenges just as enjoyable as the next guy, we hate to leave people sitting. The system of a fixed amount of people who can join an encounter is not something that suits us well.



    The games easiest boss.

    Combine that with the fact that there was nothing to do for those that had to sit out if there was no room in the raid, made us leave the game.


    Had there been more to do when not raiding, for example constantly progress in PvP on leaderboards and to obtain extra levels, like DAoC Realm Ranks, or EverQuest AA-points or similair, we would for sure have played this very solid game longer.


    It went well, we were clearing content in a decent pace, the main problem was, just like in any WoW clone, the fact that the raids were designed for 10 or 20 people. What do you do when you have 27 online, or 15? Our membership steadily declined as people lost interest after they had maxed out their PvP ranks and when we could no longer muster 20 man raids whenever we wanted, we simply decided to abandon the game.







    Let us finish of with a reminder that being angry will only get you screenshotted.










    Sometimes people got angry.

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