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    Lineage 2

    • 2004-2007

    This is the history of Ginnunga in the game Lineage II on the Bartz server. The guild was formed during open beta by Ernesto (me) and was upheld even 6 weeks after I left the game. Leader transfer was not possible, so guild was later reformed as "ReBorn".



    Events index:


    - Capture of Oren Castle

    - The Dominus Alliance

    - War with Dragon Knights

    - Capture of Giran Castle

    - War with SoC / SoL

    - War with Avenge / Zerotollerance

    - Defense of Oren Castle

    - Capture of Aden Castle

    - The formation of Uprising






    Tlithor tells the story:

    Meanwhile SoC & BD were fighting Redemption, we were not involved. This neutrality enabled us to get Oren Castle, which was the start of us being the longest castle holder on the server to date. We did an excellent job there, together with Feral Uprising, IS and Bushido, plus some other small clans (if I remember correctly, even Trolltyg was there ). November from IS and Ernesto were supposed to start casting, the one who would get it done first would get the castle. It turned out to be Ernesto, also because Gloiin managed to accidentally stun November halfway through his cast on the seal. Man, those must have been some awesome pm conversations. Be that as it may, we had the castle!











    The Dominus alliance was formed together with Inquisition and Ginnunga. The details of how this came to be are getting foggy, so forgive us if we leave out the details





    Tlithor writes:

    Slowly we started to grow in numbers, levels, pvp quality and teamwork. The fights with DeadKnights was basically our first pvp, lasted a while, but we beat them. ShaolinCaster joined around this time, Sanquinoxia was also in the clan, Daylight, Valynor, Sinafein, maybe some others, sorry if I am forgetting a few.


    Added by Ernesto:

    During this war I gained my first 25 PK points and my first couple of PvP points. The war ended when Zeus retired from the game and his clan was dissolved. They later reformed into a new clan and asked for neutrality.

    It was during this war we started doing hit and run squads, which means we formed up a group of random people, ran in, PKed all enemies we could find, then we returned to the castle one by one as we went red, and when everyone was red, or there were too few left non-red, we just either died off, or worked off the karma.






    Tlithor writes:

    Meanwhile we were starting to hunt in DVC, and getting minorly involved BD/SoC vs ThoR war. ThoR had lost their Giran castle, BD was planning to attack and literally zerg Aden castle with over 1000 people. This was around fall 2004 I think.

    Then Ernesto really put us on the map. He said Ginnunga and IS would defend Aden castle from all attackers, his post on l2orphus was such a fun read, and it got all the teenagers really, really agitated. In practise he did prevent Aden from being captured, by having a cunning plan to secretly sign up to take Giran from SoC, together with Forbidden and ThoR. SoC had no chance, Forbidden took Giran, Aden with "only" 900 attackers left was not taken, Ginnunga was now widely known. The Pokemon generation now knew Ernesto as the "roleplaying guy".


    Added by Ernesto:

    I realised that SoL was a more or less dead clan, and having a dead clan own a castle didn’t seem right to me, so we decided to take it. I didn’t want our alliance to have more than one castle, so we needed a puppet clan who could hold the castle and in return, that clan would be in eternal debt to us. The puppet clan of choice was Forbidden and was chosen because it was an old clan and it had grown strong enough to hold its own. If the puppet clan would have been too weak, taking the castle would only result in loosing it again shortly after. Secret conferences with Sirrah of Oberon Fire Clan and Noods led to that Forbidden (and subclan CamelotCrusaders), ThorForce, Oberon and the two other Dominus clans (Inquisition and Noble Vanguards) signed up to take the castle. Ginnunga participated on flag duty, since we couldn’t sign up for the siege and so did the Noble Vanguards.




    WAR WITH SoC / SoL


    Ernesto writes:

    After we captured Giran, Krono (SoC) and Smallwind (SoL) were rather angry and launched a PK war against us, claiming that we could “Kiss DVC goodbye” – However this was not the case. The first day after the siege a few of us got PKed in DVC so the following day I decided that we would strike back, and strike back hard.

    Our first perma reds were born at this point and we hunted SoC and SoL relentlessly. Just before the loss of Giran, Krono had annexed the alliance Kuei-Jin into SoC and they were the ones who took the hardest hits from this war. We averaged around 25 dead KJs and 5 dead SoCs a day during euro daytime and when the night came, Forbidden took up the torch and kept SoC firmly in place. SoC and SoL disbanded and left for other games and the war was won with nearly no casualties on our side.


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    Tlithor writes:

    After this we went back to neutrality again, after some skirmished with SoC, which are hardly worth mentioning. It was all fun and games again for a while, until we encountered Avenge. Even though they played some dirty tricks on us, and didn't always play it straight, this war was the best I ever had. Killing Anarissa over and over, Ernesto putting a price on MasterP´s head, fun fun fun. Up to and during this war the entire Dominus alliance leaned on Ginnunga. This made us proud, but also brought a lot of pressure on the members and especially the leader. Basically, if Ginnunga wasn´t there, Dominus had no leadership in pvp, and were just running around. We beat Avenge, and BD who jumped in, even when they attacked our castle with 38 (!!!!!!) clans vs our 12.


    Added by Ernesto:

    Nearing what we now know was the end of the AZT war, Avenge annexed an entire alliance into them called something that I don’t remember. That alliance was led by OverDrive if I recall correctly. This was the final nail in the coffin for AZT, eventhough they didn’t yet know it.

    With an additional 150 people as enemies, we took PVP to new heights and during the second day of Overdrives alliance into AZT we scored over a hundred PVP and over 50 PKs. The mood was so good that at 02:00 we gathered 3 groups and cleaned out DVC and TOI from AZT, it took around an hour and when the AZT zerg had gathered up too much people for us to hit, we just simply went to bed. The absolute success of this type of operation was continued for 3 more days and with zero casualties on our side I personally had racked in over 30 PKs and AZT could no longer make XP at their own primetime. The follow day Anarissa approached me for peace talks. Me, Oxyurana and November went to the Avenge Teamspeak and we had a talk with 8 of the Avenge leaders. We didn’t agree to much, but the following day we had a meeting again, we presented our demands to Gano and he unconditionally accepted them. The demands were that Avenge alliance would not siege Oren castle for a set number of time, and they would not be allowed to interfere if we wanted to siege Aden or Innadril.







    Tlithor writes:

    Avenge, and BD attacked our castle with 38 (!!!!!!) clans vs our 12. Man that was beautiful. Seeing half of their forces retreat because a 12 clan block of people came out with militairy precission. I don't have much love for IS leadership, but Oxyurana sure could plan a siege.


    Sadly all this came at a price, the pressure within the alliance had been on Ginnunga ever since we got the castle, and got enormous during Avenge/BD war. After that we slowly started to get less and less active, being bored with the game, needing breaks, playing other games, real life situations came up. Activity started to decrease. We did manage to take Aden, which was a great achievement, but ThoR and RK didn't like it that much. Basically we couldn't deal with this war, Ernesto was inactive and the alliance started to crumble, leading to Dominus and Evolution loosing all castles within 1 weekend. Also Oren was gone. We had no choice but to surrender and start a new clan.


    Meanwhile I was slowly starting to play more and more WoW, which is my current project.






    Ernesto writes:

    The same day as we signed the peace treaty with AZT we had a run-in with some new Blue Dragon members (From the clan LEGACY) and I approached Texas and made clear that any attack, what so ever from any Blue Dragon member from this point forward would be considered an act of war and would be retaliated in full military strength.

    Texas agreed and said that the same went from them and we were happy with the seize fire agreement.

    The following day however, Bowtress was attacked by some Blue Dragon member (and killed) so I called the alliance to war. We reached DVC to find 2-3 groups of Blue Dragons members, we lined up, cast our buffs and while we were buffing I assigned targets for each member in our combat party. When the buffs had been done a few seconds later, I counted down from 5 and we simply PKed more than half of the Blue Dragons there before they even knew we were starting the fight. The few survivals tried to fight back, but without all their damagedealers it was futile and they all ended up dead. The Blitzkrieg was a success and Hiroki approached me for peace talks. BD were given the same conditions as AZT had been given (no siege interference) and he agreed.


    This gave us an uncontested attempt for Aden castle, so with Dominus, Evolution and Evincio alliance, we planned the assault on Aden castle. The plan was an absolute success, and the 239 people that had gathered for the siege on the Ginnunga teamspeak were all howling with joy. We had taken Aden, something that no one had ever done before. A funny tidbit of information was that the teamspeak consumed 5mbit of bandwidth during the siege, god bless Bredbandsbolaget. Since Ginnunga already held Oren, Noods of Forbidden and November of Inquisition made a dice roll for who would claim the castle and Noods won the roll.

    There was a video made of the siege called Aden Falls and it can be found here.

    After the siege an Interview was made with Noods via e-mail, but since he was less than savy with expressing himself in english, I answered the e-mail in his name. (Uneducated dwarf). The interview can be found here.

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