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    • 1999-2001

    EVERQUEST - HISTORYGinnunga Version 1.0 was formed in December 1999 and it died off during summer vacations around June / July in 2000

    The guild was formed after me, Jhurg and a couple of others were unhappy in our current guild, which was called Black Dragon Valsung.

    Ginnunga Version 2.0 was restarted sometime in October / November 2000 and disbanded at the end of April 2001 as Merkez disbanded the guild before he went to Spain over the summer.





    Memorable and funny events

    Here are some short stories about Ginnunga and its members, told by the members themselves. They are sorted by game, in no specific chronological order.


    Topic is: “I remember…”

    "One of things i really remember with Wizel is that i always, always died at the zone after beeing trained or having a bad pull...i just had to turn and see if it really was that bad..and yes, it was always that bad! " - Wizel


    “Eldwin -Oh lil gnome, I still think of him when I see cookies.” - Snyggve


    “Ginnunga raiding WW dragons with 10 ppl under recomended and average 5 levels below recomended, but dang did we rock that time... One of the dwaggies being dealth the last damage by Snyggve, Merkez and Nizn meleeing! (AoE Silence, whats that?)” - Snyggve


    “Jhurg getting lost in about every zone in EQ.” - Snyggve


    “Jhurg starting his career hustling ppl in butcherblock and taking the boat to freeport to sell it and then back to buy etc, he could spend days auctioning.” - Snyggve


    “Taking turns with the japaneese at the orcpillar in BB.” - Snyggve


    “Breaking into Fear with 4 ppl, 2 2-boxing, very nice work... and then spending 2 hours CR because Gwarg was just gonna have a looksie... I quote:

    Merkez tells the group: Gwarg, don't!

    Cazic Thule shouts: GWARG!

    Nizn tells the group: *censored* -in norsk” - Snyggve


    “Nizn going berserk every other day scaring ppl.” - Snyggve


    “Laurent/Merkez spending hours looking for his corpse hungover like hell not remembering he logged on the night before. (the corpse was found in plane of fear I believe)” - Snyggve


    “Me and Merk drinking so much Vodka at a party that the guest of honor (Mordo visiting from down under) had to flee to Gwarg and Gakadafs mother.” - Snyggve


    “Hugme... oh the stories.. the drowning incident, the falling incident..” - Snyggve


    “The acceptance in the guild to try new tactics, the way ppl totally trusted the raid leader.” - Snyggve


    “Fastas pulling entire fear and kiting em around the hill so we could pick em off... think he ran for an hour or so.” - Snyggve


    “One of the glorious moments in EverQuest was early in the games history, we had been camped up in The Plane of Hate for over a month and as usual Fastas was pulling. I was using my paladin spell: Stun to peel the mobs away from the feign death monk, however at the time my English was a bit rusty, so when Fastas told the group: “No dodgy pulling” I understood it as: “PUUULLLL”. I casted my spell on the only monster I saw and it came running for me and the raid. The bad part was that I hadn’t seen the 20+ monsters just around the corner, that felt the need to help their buddy, so around 3 seconds later the entire raid was dead, Fastas was angry and we had to do a rescue mission to get back our gear.” - Laurent


    “The first time I met Fastas and Saran was in Lower Guk at the minotaur camp, we were trying to get some item from the Minotaur Elder and things went haywire with trains and god knows what. Saran was playing like crap and I told her that in groupchat, which naturally resulted in Fastas exploding telling me just what he would do with an iron crowbar and my brain. Since that day, Saran and Fastas were, oddly enough, two of my closest online friends.” - Laurent


    “In an overcamped Sebilis, me, Nenaddar, Nizn and three more could not find a spot to camp, so we quickly decided to be a travelling boyband who rescued groups that had gone haywire. “Who let the frogs out” was our lead song which we were shouting all over the zone, harassing people as much as possible.” - Laurent


    “Nenaddar had met a nice girl called Caslan, so he brought her on one of our PoG raids, Nenaddar who was a druid and didn’t wanna kill trees and animals, spent the time chatting with Caslan, sitting very romantically facing her on the ground, staring into her eyes while she did the same. Of course I couldn’t let them sit there and look all romantic and in love, so I ordered the entire guild to sit on them. Now, if you have a romantic moment, you wouldn’t want a bunch of ogres and trolls to sit on you, would you?

    The most amazing thing is that Nenaddar a few years later moved from little Denmark to the US to live with Caslan, I think they are together still. Awwwww how nice.” - Laurent


    “Just after the release of Kunark we were farming spells from the Juggernauts in Sebilis. Garrik was whining from the start, annoying the hell out of me. I bit my tongue though and we kept the raid going. Finally when Garrik explained in guildchat how pointless this whole raid was, who the heck needed spells and spellcasters, I exploded inside. In a very calm voice I asked him what the flying fuck he was whining for, and he explained to me that he was whining so I would be annoyed and he could giggle about it. Sigh, stupid cricketplaying brits, may they burn in hell.” – Laurent


    “Remember doing Plane of fear with Merkez as Raidleader shouting and yelling at everyone trying to get some order in the raidgroup and for the most of the time getting everyone in line with a few wipes now and then, but it was all good and fun.” - Rhuargh


    “Eldwin (the cookiemonster) the crazy gnome, all of a sudden in a raid he could start sprouting out poems and stuff.” - Rhuargh


    "When Ruum used a picture of Christer Pettersson as avatar on our EZboard and everyone was horribly scared of him, especially Maldran." - Laurent

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