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    • 2001-2003


    Ginnunga in DAoC was created on October 11, 2001 on the US server Kay.



    - The release of Malmohus and the start of Ginnunga PvE raiding in DAoC

    - The release of Darkness Falls and our PvE and PvP expeditions there

    - The relic raids

    - Ginnunga Faste (I thought it was Arvarkr?)

    - The first Dragon Raids

    - The first hugebossguy that eats people in DF kill (I got some crap from him that I gave to Kristi, a bracelet with heal or regen proc I think)

    - Our raid alliance with SFP, EK and FB

    - The Fury Alliance




    Memorable and funny events

    Here are some short stories about Ginnunga and its members, told by the members themselves. They are sorted by game, in no specific chronological order.


    Topic is: “I remember…”


    When Snyggve got really really drunk and started singing the Alice Cooper song “Poison” in guildchat, this is a log from this occation:


    [22:24:38] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "blahaha nbut I want you too much, blahah but my lips are tpoisouin blaha"

    [22:24:44] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "eeek I cant keep up"

    [22:25:03] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "were on the secont one now eyke"

    [22:25:09] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "black lace on slblaha..."

    [22:25:25] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "dont wanna touch you but youre undetr my skin"

    [22:25:30] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "dont wanna touch you but"

    [22:25:38] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "youre poison"

    [22:25:45] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "I odont wanna break thieese chain"

    [22:25:47] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "s"

    [22:26:14] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "One look, coulf kill, uour plane, my thrill"

    [22:26:21] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "I wanna love you but I better not topuch"

    [22:26:28] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "I wanna kiss you but I wanbted too much"

    [22:27:01] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "hey, might not get all the tight spelling but Im tyuping faaster than Kjell on viagra"

    [22:27:58] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "inbte!"

    [22:28:01] @@[Guild] Tryggve: "nite even" “ - Seuwol


    We showed our strength again, we plowed into malmöhus like a 20-ton trailer.. we got further than Fury with less people, we did it better, faster and we looked good doing it... we were Ginnunga, in malmöhus with our allies... Everyone was excited, blood pumping, adrenaline flowing... lets do this, we are the best we ar...... Ok 15 min break, main tank had to sauna! ...... Suomi Finland Perkele Nothing gets between a crazy fin and his sauna...” - Snyggve


    The damn Sleipnersson camp in DAoC and it still gives me migraine.” - Kjell


    Also like the way we got people to make a train, I put on my big red follow-me helmet and we all ran in a nice row through the lands... very fun "raids" I also think many really enjoyed the tempo we had when we were there, we always tried to keep it at maximum without wiping .” - Snyggve


    First 5 group raid to Malmohus with Suomi Finland Perkele and some other guilds to get some phat xp and loot. We xp'ed with 4 groups plus in that zone every day for like 3 weeks straight, getting ALOT of people their 50 ding.” - Ulve


    6 hours straight on sleipnerssons, playing the "I call mine..." game, I still have screenshots from that whole conversation laying around somewhere.” - Ulve


    2 hours after patch, running around in the new Darkness Fall zone, wondering what the heck those seals were? (gg, read patchnotes newbie).” - Ulve


    Owning AMG in Emain Macha with Hatchet, Ulve and Dreakon, taking on groups of 6-7 albion FOTM stealthers at a time.” - Ulve


    Finding a lonesome friendly troll in Uppland zone named ‘Balle’.” - Ulve


    Me and Flode (Eykes Hunter) camping APK in Odins Eye at level 20.” - Ulve


    First ride to Hibernia land, following the Kay legend Shingen and his guildies at level 31 or somewhat.” - Ulve


    Me and Hamingja patrolling Yggdra forest on walk speed, around and around and around and around...” - Ulve


    Skolbyter! Where is heeee? Wonderful DaoC guildy who always made his best to learn swedish and tell Kjell things like "ond gris kjell" and "ligga?".” - Ulve


    Learning what the word "Porros" means...” - Ulve

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