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    Rediscovering the past: World of Warcraft Classic!

    • A few months back World of Warcraft Classic was released. This was for many just a re-release of an old game, but to some of us it's been more than that. It's been about remembrance and nostalgia, about hardships and challenges, and most importantly it's been a reminder of all the good friends you've meet over the years.

    Many Ginnungans has been active in World of Warcraft over the years, many of us put our axes to rest back in 2011 when Ginnunga-Stormreaver discountinued raiding.

    In WoW: Classic we've had the opportunity to relive the game that many of us grew to love, we've all been reminded of the late nights, calling in sick to work, and nights spent playing instead of sleeping or studying.

    At the beginning of WoW: Classic many of us started our journey on Shazzrah, a server that was and probably still is, the most populated one.
    Ginnunga was created on day one, from there we've all had the pleasure of meeting friends we'd not had any contact with for years, having laughs about stories of old and creating new memories which will surely be remembered for years to come. With the creation of the guild on Shazzrah new friends came, friends of friends and from this we've worked together to bring all of us a chance to remember the old raids and dungeons that World of Warcraft had to offer.

    The past few months we've worked on getting people to 60, getting attunements done to Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair. Just a few weeks ago we set foot in Molten Core with a ragged band of lower level characters and higher level characters, our goal was to simply test the waters. That night we ended up killing 4 bosses.

    This sunday we brought Ragnaros down, having been treated to a binding from Garr earlier in the week.

    A great effort from all involved, and I'm sure we will continue down this path of slaying demons and dragons and other creatures as more phases become available to us in WoW: Classic.

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