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    • Atm I just run around with my gun and shoot at stuff. I see no option to sprint/jump/dodge so feels a little cluncky indeed. Also, I don't really have skills and I'm level 11. Maybe doing something wrong, but I'm following this guide; MR. THUMPYSHARTS Dual Wield Physical/Pierce Gun Tactician All I really did atm is the Crucible for the easy devotion points.    
    • Just a heads up, I thought the game was a bit cluncky at the beginning. But after pushing through the beginning stages I really started to appreciate the game. So give the game some time if you feel the same ^^ Have fun!
    • Thanks! Bought the full package with all expansions for 36 euros en steam. Let's roll.
    • My advice for any action rpg is to follow a build so you can learn the game with a build that you know that works. also there is a few video's out there that will help you in the beginning, like where to find good starting weapons.
    • Aight I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Any tips for newcomers?
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