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Merry Christmas* you lovely Ginnungans <3 (Post your Xmas pictures here! :D)

Sun, 10 December 2017 05:12

*and all the other holidays or no holidays being celebrated.

I hope you all have an awesome time with gaming, families, and all the good stuff in the world.

Here we haven't really decorated even, but however did get a sweater for Echo so she tried that on. :D
So here's a picture of her trying out her new sweater, hope to see tons of pictures from you guyses decorations and celebrations or just everyday stuff if you don't celebrate. :D



Ginnunga in Destiny 2?

Sat, 02 September 2017 03:30

Sooo as stated, is there gonna be? :D




Meet Echo, our puppy! :D

Thu, 31 August 2017 23:22

Spamming a little pictures from different ages, she's growing so fast.

Pictures from 7 weeks old to this day at almost 13 weeks old. ^^
Wanted to share her with you guys, I've missed you guys tons. <3

Also quit  BDO for the time being, focusing on RL and puppy. :D