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In Topic: Fallout 76

Fri, 01 June 2018 08:20

I don't even care what it is, HYPU! <3

In Topic: Monster Hunter World

Tue, 20 February 2018 15:12

I bought this game, haven't gotten to play it much cause Knus tried it and got hooked. ;D Even got the monster hunter PS4 pro

In Topic: Meet Echo, our puppy! :D

Tue, 20 February 2018 13:55

She's a big one now, 27 KG, soon 9 months old.

Here's a pic of her stealing my bath, went upstairs to get a glass of water while I was filling the tub, came back downstairs to this view. 



In Topic: Merry Christmas* you lovely Ginnungans <3 (Post your Xmas pictures here...

Mon, 25 December 2017 01:14

All beings? :o
I don't even wanna know.

Gromk they love being in clothes, Echo loves it at least cause she got so much treats. :heart:

Anyhow, thought I'd share this too. Got sent a xmas picture of Echo's brother, and put it side by side of a picture of her, they are twinsies. <3
More christmas stuff of Echo will come tomorrow, she got stolen today so I had to wait with her celebration til tomorrow.

Merry Christmas you lovelies :heart:


In Topic: Merry Christmas* you lovely Ginnungans <3 (Post your Xmas pictures here...

Mon, 18 December 2017 00:11

Lyngs and Cupe, I was really cold. It wasn't actually that cold out, only about -5, but the powdery blizzard made it impossible to see, and I was full of snow from top to toe. Was really nice when I got inside at work and could get a cup of hot chocolate. <3 I learned my lesson though, to look out the window before assuming the weather is nice. :D

Cog, now you need to find something christmasy to lift and show that instead! :D

+1 to the photo, Lyngs would be an awesome Baby aswell. :heart: