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In Topic: Merry Christmas* you lovely Ginnungans <3 (Post your Xmas pictures here...

Mon, 25 December 2017 01:14

All beings? :o
I don't even wanna know.

Gromk they love being in clothes, Echo loves it at least cause she got so much treats. :heart:

Anyhow, thought I'd share this too. Got sent a xmas picture of Echo's brother, and put it side by side of a picture of her, they are twinsies. <3
More christmas stuff of Echo will come tomorrow, she got stolen today so I had to wait with her celebration til tomorrow.

Merry Christmas you lovelies :heart:


In Topic: Merry Christmas* you lovely Ginnungans <3 (Post your Xmas pictures here...

Mon, 18 December 2017 00:11

Lyngs and Cupe, I was really cold. It wasn't actually that cold out, only about -5, but the powdery blizzard made it impossible to see, and I was full of snow from top to toe. Was really nice when I got inside at work and could get a cup of hot chocolate. <3 I learned my lesson though, to look out the window before assuming the weather is nice. :D

Cog, now you need to find something christmasy to lift and show that instead! :D

+1 to the photo, Lyngs would be an awesome Baby aswell. :heart:

In Topic: Heroes of the Storm

Mon, 18 December 2017 00:04

The new matchmaking has a personal play MMR on top of it now Cupe, so if you play amazing a game that actually does count. But I think it's really flawed right now in how it works.

I should be higher in QM than I have been matchmaking wise, my hero league is always a much higher level of play, however QM is always my playing ground to learn new stuff, I'll never do a hero I am not comfortable with in hero or team league.

So when I suddenly get matched with people that is master/grand master in hero league that has played significantly more games than me it really ruins the whole learning process for me, don't get to test everything out and be a little risky like I'd prefer with people that gets salty over one wrong movement(without deaths).

And Gromk is absolutely right, the placement matches due to the new system put people where they shouldn't be, like putting bronze players in the master league, you can imagine the chaos that causes.
But if they manage to get the new system working properly I do think it's more preferable, cause it's really sad when you play really well a game and you got people that just throws the match.

But overall I do like hots better now, some heroes are a little bit too OP with the changes (Also been stealth changes, buffs to stealth heroes damage potentials, nerfs to healers, so the 2 healer meta is going away).

In Topic: Merry Christmas* you lovely Ginnungans <3 (Post your Xmas pictures here...

Sun, 17 December 2017 07:04

Lyngs, I LOVE IT. :D You actually did it. <3 I had no chance getting the hat on Echo, she only wanted to eat it, but I can probably get a pic of her eating it. 

They are so cute. <3

And Burns obviously you are a little cute too, but sadly I gotta pick the kittens over you this time, I mean look at them!

More xmas pictures, where is xmas Gromky? Maybe that's what you need to do to get Rellic to send you a saucy pic? ;)



And merry Xmas gromk, here's me when I was stupid and walked through the blizzard the other day. Most xmasy picture I could find. :D

In Topic: Heroes of the Storm

Sun, 17 December 2017 06:53

Since Tangha revived this, I'll revive it more.

Do you guys also have struggles after the matchmaking changes?

First days before the reset I was suddenly playing with completely new players in quickmatch, it was absolutely horrible, and now after the reset on hero league/team league, I suddenly got insanely high matchmaking, more than I've had before, games suddenly became insanely stressful, I do quickmatch to learn heroes and just derp around. Now I am playing with and against people that play it like it's super serious. :(

I went from playing with people around the same level as me(like actual level) to people that are like level 2000-5000++. I am only level 600.