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Warframe - 5 years in a pretty amazing F2P MMO Shooter

Fri, 29 June 2018 15:27

Know some played it a few years back, but A LOT has changed since. I didn't play it back then, but those who did says it's a whole new game. More or less all systems has been reworked, there's a pretty rich story and just a buttload of content.


I'm about 80 hours in, having a blast. The learning curve can, even though there's a tutorial, be quite steep. First 3-4 sessions I played less than 1 hour each, but then I got completely stuck.

The movement is very parkour-ish, LOTS of dashes, airglides, wall jumps etc. At first it felt very odd, coming from normal shooters, but it grows on you. 


There's 30+ "classes"/Warframes, group dynamics, story missions, progression, hundreds of weapons etc and you customize everything with mods that you level up.


You can farm basically everything. Some "delux" warframes/weapons have been retired, but are still available for sale from players. So you farm the newer stuff, sell that to players (for the currency you can buy with RL money) and buy older stuff as well.


TIP: Do NOT start spending cash. It's not needed what so ever. The game is a lot about collecting stuff, getting stronger, collecting better stuff. Well, you get the idea. So if you spend cash, you're kinda buying yourself out of playtime. At least play few days, get the hang of it, THEN chose if you wanna put some money in. I have put like 20€ in so far, for some weapon slots and warframe slots (the only thing I'd recommend spending RL money on at start, if anything). 

Also, you get a daily reward that can be a bit of ingame currency, xp boost etc. But you can also get a 50% or if you're lucky 75% discount on the RL-cash currency (called Platinum), so might wanna wait for that if you're going to spend any money. 


And if you try it, don't get overwhelmed. There's A LOOOOOOT of content, mechanics and stuff built up over the years. Just pace yourself :)


Not sure how long it'll last, but since it's F2P there's no harm trying.


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