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In Topic: EverQuest

Tue, 16 January 2018 15:12

Reactivated my accounts, let's see if I make it to 60 before Luclin :) 


Sinfulz - 47 Enchanter

Saintz - 47 Cleric


Mostly getting used to things again, picking up some spells and planning to XP in Velks. 

In Topic: Path of Exile

Mon, 01 January 2018 19:49

Well, there's just SO much to chose from I always have a hard time making any recommendations.




There's a bunch of builds which all work. Do you have any playstyle in mind? You can cast spells yourself, you can summon totems which casts spells for you (so you focus on dodging etc), you can be a summoner with spectres, or summon a army of skulls who kill for you, you can of course melee with a variety of abilities, cyclone (spin to win), ranged characters have a number of versions. 

In Topic: Path of Exile

Fri, 29 December 2017 02:42

Yes, Lambs of Pleasure is the guild. Think Chimp renamed the old/inactive Ginnunga one :) 


Don't think I can invite though, and Chimpo has been away for christmas. Should be back soon. 

In Topic: Path of Exile

Thu, 14 December 2017 09:43

3.1 launched couple days ago, but I just started. Those of you playing, what's your impression? 

In Topic: Ultra wide monitors

Thu, 30 November 2017 09:40

Sinfui also haz the X34A.

I DO and I love it! Like some games I turn on and just: "... Damn..." 


I will say that mine has quite a bit of backbleed, and it's not uncommon, BUT I decided not to be a fucking idiot about it and just go. Tbh I've never, not once, noticed it while gaming. I have seen it during cutscenes in some games (extremely dark/black shit on the sides) but I forgot it's there. Just a FYI, since quite few of these panels have it.