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In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront II

Thu, 16 November 2017 15:55

That's Mr Plantation Owner Racist, thank you very much. 

In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront II

Thu, 16 November 2017 15:34

I'd be interested to hear how less popular games built on a pure microtransaction business model are doing. It's hard to cite games like LoL and DoTA (HotS as well, even if it's way smaller) to exemplify that it works, because they're such monsters.


There's a number of games who turned F2P, and instead implemented/developed their MTX to fund the game. I assume more than a few of them actually started making a lot more money by doing it, but on the other hand I'd guess for some it was just a final sigh before closing.


Bah, enonomics, who needs this shit. (In before Chimp says "EVERYONE SINFUL, EVERYONE!" ;) )

In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront II

Thu, 16 November 2017 15:08

t won't changle because they probably make more money from microtransactions than game sales and they don't really care if they sell a bit less games to players that decide to not buy it due to microtransactions.


Hm, I've discussed this with a couple people, so not sure if I mentioned it here as well. But the above, Nexi, isn't as of recently a "probably". Like a week ago Ubisoft reported that their revenue from micrtotransactions beat digital sales for the first time. They're open about the fact that they're making more money of games after they're launched, than by selling them.




To be fair those numbers DO include stuff like DLC's, I don't think they've specified how exactly their microtransaction income is split, but we can be sure as shit the system isn't going anywhere :)


And it's not like I don't care, Toszi, but I'm beyond the shadow of a doubt convinced we can't stop it. I would banish every single microtransaction if I could, but the system IS there, it WILL be in more or less every online game (from big publishers) we play from now on. Many of those games will be super amazing, using or not using microtransactions, and I won't abstain from playing them JUST to protest, because it won't help. It could how ever sway me in one direction of the other if it's a game I felt "Meh" about. 


As others said I think Chimps boss is correct. In this case with Battlefront 2 they'll sell a ton of games anyway, but people who were on the fence, or like me weren't even interested but COULD have been persuaded by friends, will now not touch the game. That's a problem for EA, no doubt.

I don't think it'll make them remove microtransactions, that'd be silly, but I do think it influences in which direction they go with it in the future. Look at Ubisoft and the latest Assassins's Creed, they're walking the line with their loot boxes but from all I've heard players aren't outraged at all about them. Some use them, some don't. No one is feeling blocked out by not buying. And above article proves they're making sweet money. We can only hope companies like EA follows suite. 

In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront II

Wed, 15 November 2017 13:36

The game will be enjoyable no matter, if fps/star wars is your style. No one besides ultra nerds need to unlock everything :) 

In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront II

Wed, 15 November 2017 13:24

So now it's only 5 months of playing 8h per day to unlock everything, a breeze :P