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Mon, 27 March 2017 11:49

This is to guests who are NOT in any way in Ginnunga. 

In Topic: Crowfall

Thu, 16 March 2017 15:02

Everything about this game seems so awesome! The building, different world rules (full drop PvP y'all!), EVEish account/crow/pilot progression. Damn.


I don't have the time to play alpha, nor much motivation to get in at this early stage, but I'm considering the biggest contributor bundle just to support them and the extra goodies. 


The only downside I can think of is that the system, exactly like EVE, will promote multiple accounts, with the way training is handled. I still run 3 accounts in EVE, and to me personally it's not a big deal, but still. 


Though I guess that's personal preference IF you want to be able to play several vessels with high skills. But I can easily see having a caster and a melee account etc, depending how the trees are formed. 

In Topic: Path of Exile

Thu, 02 February 2017 14:10

I agree HC gives that little edge. But this isn't D3.. POE is much more ellaborate if it comes to the skill tree and mechanics. And as a  new player you simply don't know these things. Even when you follow a good build to the letter you are going to have a hard time at start?


You can declare your eliteness to the pope and his mother as much as you like, but as a new player you won't have much fun if you die 20x before lvl 30.


It's not eliteness (even though I know that's the general opinion of the HC crowd), we just think it's more fun. I enjoy the game a lot more when I need to focus or risk losing everything. I don't care much about reaching the highest maps or farming 100 chaos per day (but I do appreciate the tip and I'll use it if I ever get to T10!), if I can get the same excitement progressing through low level maps in gear that in TOTAL costs 10c. But that's just how I enjoy the game, not saying it's better or worse.


I didn't enjoy HC much in D3 btw, but for some reason it suits PoE for me :) 


And yes, it can be quite brutal if you're new. But Gromk brought his first char ever in HC to like 50+ (I think) before his first RIP. To be fair that death DID make him quit the game, so looking back SC might have been more his thing :) 

In Topic: Path of Exile

Mon, 30 January 2017 15:07

If you're not going for the best of the best the experience is as fun now as it's going to be next league. I mean, it's a long way and possibly quite some deaths before you get to the grindy part. I understand if you don't want to grind when the league end isn't too far off though, but the rest of the experience is amazing. Ripped my 79 templar last night for example, amazing :D 


The cash shop is hella expensive when it comes to skins, but as Illa said they do go on sale, up to 50%. I haven't bought any skins at all yet, waiting for some that I like to pop on sale. 

In Topic: Sammerkand - God of Hamsters

Tue, 27 December 2016 15:17

Looking at your video Sam it almost looks like you're character is being a productive part of the group, who was playing it? 


(All the hugs)