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In Topic: Bless Online

Mon, 26 March 2018 10:23

Nope cos the combat in Japan is shit and they said it is all reworked. No info out yet sadly. But you can sign and voiceover npcs :D .https://www.facebook...249731492235540

I spent like 30min last week checking on the game in general, and what I read about the "rework" was that it wasn't a total overhaul of combat mechanics, more in line of shortening animations, rebalancing skills, class progression, mixing of skills etc to make the combat more fun.


From what I understand it's a mix of tab targeting and action elements? Personally I'm a fan of tab targeting, so I don't mind the slightest.


Dunno, seems like an ok game, I might give it a go. Nothing really stands out to me, but it's very likely (as most MMO:s) worth it for couple months :)

In Topic: EverQuest

Tue, 23 January 2018 10:33

Well, I guess that's a question of definition :) Tumble found a chill guild he joined, and he got me in as well. I joined up last night. A lot of oldtimers, people with families etc, but they get 30-40 for raids, which are pretty voluntary (no requirement for attendance) 3-4 times per week (correct me if I'm wrong, Tumble) and they progress at their own pace.


I think Elundil does raids on his own, with a friend, with boxed chars, is that right Elu?


So, is there's possibility of seeing raid content, if that's your thing? Yes. Will we raid as Ginnunga? Very likely not, if something dramatic doesn't happen.


I wasn't dead set on raiding when I started, I just wanted to get a nostalgia hit and it's just SO much fun. Since I didn't play EQ that hardcore the first time around I've yet to see like any raids, so when/if I now get to see them that's just a bonus. I just enjoy the grouping, the xp zones, even camping stuff. Crawlning through Guk, training in Velks, all of it.

I've done stupid things like completing full set of Temple of Ro armor, just because I found it a fun challenge. I think these servers are very much what you want to make of them.


Seeing as the XP rate is increased (lvl 55-60 is about 5 hours per level grouped, can probably be made more efficient if one wants, that's just my aprox rate), and a lot of quality of life changes are implemented (gear doesn't stay on corpses, maps etc etc) it's very much a EQ "Light" experience, compared to original. If that's something one would enjoy is of course individual, I personally have found it perfect for my enjoyment.


It's like 15€ to sub I think. I would very much recommend just trying, and if it's not fun that's all your out. Log on, make a char and see if there's anything drawing you in. If so, have fun for a while. If not, the memories will still be there.


But that's just my 2c :)

In Topic: EverQuest

Tue, 23 January 2018 03:02

Cool, thanks! And yes, I'm up for Kael any time. Elundil has some helms which he generously offered, on top of the armor parts and gems ( :wub: ), so I'll hand those in tomorrow and see where I'm at faction wise and then grind if I need more. 


From XPing in Velks I got maybe 1/4 of the gems I need, don't wanna think about how many I sold not knowing I should save them :P


Both my toons are about to hit 59, only a level to go!

In Topic: EverQuest

Mon, 22 January 2018 10:39

We're on Agnarr, the latest progression server. Luclin opens up in... 9 days or so. From what I see in chats there's still plenty groups all the way from low lvl up til 60, so it's still healthy and I bet with Luclin opening there'll be a surge as well. 

In Topic: EverQuest

Sun, 21 January 2018 16:46

Ohhhh, I am indeed! That'd be amazing :)


I'm up to 56 now on both toons, hanging out in Velks mostly. Dumb that I am I've sold most of the gems that I got on drops, just last night I realized I needed to check which gems I actually need and which to sell, but oh well, I'm stocking up now.


I do need to work on my Coldain faction first, which from what I've read is basically group/kill in Kael? There isn't many quests/repeatables for Coldain, correct? How long does that take, aprox?