firefox vs chrome

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#1 Cogency Cogency Lord and stuff.

Mon, 12 November 2018 00:30

So been using chrome forever but more and more things start to annoy me. It eats so much ram and touch support is terrible, cant even propperly scroll.


so, hows firefox?


#2 Calyn Calyn Ze German

Mon, 12 November 2018 01:27

I use Firefox for browsing and Chrome for development stuff (I just cant get away from Chrome's dev tools). Plus I like using Chrome profiles to separate work stuff.


Firefox is awesome and much less of a resource hog than Chrome, but it does have issues. Media heavy tabs tend to become unresponsive if left open in the background for a long time, never noticed this with chrome. It also reacts weird when dragging it around monitors and takes a few seconds to fix itself afterwards. Most annoyingly for me is its inability to "just work" with global proxy mode, need an addon for it or set manually.


There is also Brave browser btw. It's a bit rough around the edges last time I tried, which was like half a year ago, but it's basically Chromium (without all the Google crap).


#3 zyphi zyphi

Mon, 12 November 2018 23:15

firefox has dev tools as well? at least last time i did front end it had. 


#4 Calyn Calyn Ze German

Tue, 13 November 2018 01:58

It does, I just got too used to Chrome's and think they are better


#5 Ernesto Ernesto

Tue, 13 November 2018 20:17

Firefox is much slower on javascript nowadays sadly. Dev tools also better in chrome now.

Edge is as fast as chrome lately so that is actually a great alternative

#6 Karge Karge

Wed, 14 November 2018 13:39

Read somewhere that Firefox got some great privacy features that does a lot more than other browers to anonymize your data.
Not sure how effective it is but can't hurt to try