World of Warcraft GTX1080 GPU issue

wow gpu 1080
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#1 Seven Seven

Tue, 06 November 2018 11:06

Maybe somone have an idea or experience on how to fix this. 


My new laptop runs a gtx1080, a i7-9700, and 32gb DDR4. A 3DMARK score of 7k.


So I was a little surprised when i launched WoW some weeks ago, on recommended settings, and the GPU temperature spiked to 75 when just idleing in a city. And to 90+ when doing any content. I then lowered all the setting to minimum (1) for it to go down. But still when doing dungeons, raids or pvp, the temperature of my GPU spikes to over 90 and the fan-noice is insane, also get windows warnings saying its too hot and might damage the card. 


When i run WoW on my 5-6 year old laptop, on recomended settings, that are higher than what i now run on my new computer, there is no problems. No heating issues. 


I have updated bios and drivers, could this be a hardware issue? Or is it the higher screen resolution of my new laptop the problem? 


#2 Cupe Cupe

Tue, 06 November 2018 13:02

What temp is it when wow is not loaded and the computer it basically idle?


#3 Seven Seven

Tue, 06 November 2018 15:28

What temp is it when wow is not loaded and the computer it basically idle?

45-47 when just browsing/youtube


#4 Cogency Cogency Lord and stuff.

Tue, 06 November 2018 16:02

Higher resolution will ask more from your computer, but sounds more like a driver issue. If you reinstall you need to make sure that absolutely every trace of your old drivers is gone, that means more than just deinstalling the gforce software but also going into device manager and remove all drivers. Then reinstall when you are at 480 something resolution and download latest when you get back in windows.


And what about other games?


#5 Seven Seven

Tue, 06 November 2018 16:23

And what about other games?


Maybe i should try to do a clean reinstal then.


Only other game i play is MTGA and that goes fine.. :P no, but i could try to install Destiny 2 maybe? just to test the performance.

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