Monster Hunter World

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#1 Starbuckx Starbuckx

Mon, 29 January 2018 18:08



Launched on Friday.  I thought I'd give this a try as I've never played a monster hunter game.  

Annoyingly it's only on PS4/XONE not PC and as I understand it, it's not cross platform.


It's a single player game but you can CO-OP with up to 4 players to help you kill the monsters although adding a player makes it a lot harder to kill them.  Hopefully you get better drops as a result.


It looks quite nice. Combat feels a bit clunky but I think it's all about timing and not button mashing!

Lots of gathering and killing big mobs that take a while to kill, that drops items that you use to craft better gear to kill bigger mobs.


I think that is the whole game....!?




#2 Seviathan Seviathan

Mon, 29 January 2018 19:21

read up somewhere that they are working on a pc version, to be launched later this year.

but it looks pretty ;)


#3 Starbuckx Starbuckx

Tue, 30 January 2018 12:07



Looks nice.  I don't have an XBOX ONE x though so I don't think I'm playing it at the best settings.  I did see something about playing xbox live games on a PC, so may look into that if I like the game.

I think there is some online connectivity problems at the moment also.  I was getting some errors.  I've not bothered playing any co-op yet.


#4 Chimp Chimp

Wed, 31 January 2018 10:41

Starbucks, you play on xbox or ps4? 


If you play anything on PS4 and have not added me yet, there shall be rain of hell brought down upon you and curses chanted with your name.


Its: PSN: DancingChimpz


#5 Starbuckx Starbuckx

Fri, 02 February 2018 11:39

I don't have a PS4 only xbox :(


So your safe Chimp.....or maybe I am! ;) haha


I'm actually starting to like this game.  It's starting to make a bit more sense.


#6 Tangha Tangha

Mon, 05 February 2018 09:12

this game looks like fun