Darkfall: New Dawn

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#1 Saslic Saslic

Sat, 27 January 2018 07:35


Just launched (26.01.2018), but the website seems to be down right now, anyone going to play this? I never played the original game, I'm a bit interested.


#2 Meilink Meilink

Sat, 27 January 2018 08:42

super ugly game :D 


#3 Starbuckx Starbuckx

Sat, 27 January 2018 13:31

Looks like a good system but as Meilink says graphics don't look great.

FPS on an MMO?  I don't think I've tried that before.  I'm looking for something to play at the moment.


#4 Sammerkand Sammerkand

Sat, 27 January 2018 16:46

is it free ?


#5 Saslic Saslic

Sat, 27 January 2018 23:57

is it free ?

Looks like it is subscription only. Options:

  • 9.99€/month 1 month subscription
  • 9.33€/month 3 months subscription
  • 8.33€/month 6 months subscription


#6 Howley Howley

Sun, 28 January 2018 20:51

I played DF one and two live servers. It was fun but very very grindy. Sure graphics aren't great but the physics and combat makes up for it.. decent mob AI too.

A friend of steam gave me a heads up about New Dawn release.. I lol'd and looked into it after but they had/have major launch issues which led me to finding Darkfall Rise of Agon.

Seems ok so far, way less grindy because they sped up progression by x10000000000000 but I'm not sure about the server population yet.

Servers are established and stable for sure.


Same subscription as above.


#7 Calyn Calyn Ze German

Mon, 29 January 2018 04:25

Game itself is awesome (I played a bit with Howley which might have made it more awesome), but it already had issues with population back then, not sure why people would stick around longer on these servers especially since the game is now split between 2 companies....


#8 Howley Howley

Tue, 30 January 2018 18:22

Because the pve is just short of Dark Souls and the risk of pvp is real :P


I was leveling in a newb zone yesterday and all of a sudden I heard explosions all around me.....

Just then I see 3 lads fly over a fucking mountain and bunny hopping like there's no tomorrow, the guy in the lead was clearly trying to live!

Several arrows and spells later the lads were out of view and out of sound, it was like watching a mad high speed chase around town. I lol'd and got back to it the important stuff.


#9 zyphi zyphi

Wed, 31 January 2018 12:42

Because the pve is just short of Dark Souls and the risk of pvp is real :P


I was leveling in a newb zone yesterday and all of a sudden I heard explosions all around me.....

Just then I see 3 lads fly over a fucking mountain and bunny hopping like there's no tomorrow, the guy in the lead was clearly trying to live!

Several arrows and spells later the lads were out of view and out of sound, it was like watching a mad high speed chase around town. I lol'd and got back to it the important stuff.

the important stuff 2.9k rating?


#10 Cupe Cupe

Thu, 01 February 2018 16:25

I played DF1 from released, for about six months. 

Amazing concept, absolute failure. I have no interest in any Darkfall game again, or similar concept unless it has a much grander scope and development team. I've played years of both Ultima Online and EVE, should have been right up my street. And yet...

The grinding was so boring, the monsters felt like they were from the 90s and you could use super cheap tactics to take down monsters with stupidly large HP pools and collect insane levels of loot on the first day of release. They had maximum agro ranges, just dance in and out of their max agro range and kill anything which could not one-shot you. The game's coding was so shoddy that the mobs were insanely easy to kill and it seemed any old moron with decent C++ knowledge could code a hack for it, considering the speed they were released.

The players killing their own game - similar to how players reduced the dog-eat-dog world of EVE to a blue donut - coalition blocks of power rose up and just banded into larger and larger alliances to keep themselves safe and the game boring. Something the servers couldn't handle, but mostly just something that lowers the meta of the game to making most the people you run past unavailable to fight and siege's such a clusterfuck that you feel there is little point in attempting it.

The city building in the first few weeks was amazing, and then we got to trying to take each other cities and the servers exploded almost every time there was a siege. Quick bullet points on why the game failed:

The human element:

- First siege from my alliance. Would have won and taken a central city on the mainland (our alliance was based on the south west island, so this was a big deal). Servers blew up about 10mins before we claimed it - while we had like 400 men inside their city and had been wiping them for 2 hours. 
The next time and every time after that we went back, we failed as they banded into an aggression pact with another alliance - both of which were larger than ours. This is one example which happened all over the game.

- Also, everyone third partied fights which didn't help at all either. Two alliances couldn't duke out a fight and see who could with without uninvited people just looking for a fight influencing the outcome. I remember twice trying to fight between us and a rival and both times calling it quits and agreeing to lower our claim because the fight was being influenced. On one of those occasions, we could have taken a city easily as another entity joined in on our side without invitation, but that removes the whole point for the fight in the first place, we only deserve the spoils of war if we earn't them, right? 

The game and it's coding:

- The servers could barely handle 200 v 200, let alone 500 v 500 which was normal scale for smaller blocks of power. The game had some insane alliances of 5,000-15,000 which just blew everything up as soon as they got involved.

- The servers were also not local, a fight going on the other side of the world lagged you out when you had nothing to do with it. Which make the game frustrating, but also often meant you could collect free loot as the monsters just stopped doing anything. You could just chug damage on them while they glitched out and collect more un-earnt spoils. 

- The hacks, oh the hacks. People teleporting all over the place, running 20x faster than you could even read their name to report them. People looting corpses from invisibility. I think about 10-15% of the kills I got on the dragons I farmed were looted by a invis hacker before I got to the corpse, every time I just picked up and left cause why bother. Our alliance lost its first 3 ships to hackers and the only response we got from the devs "We cannot verify you owned them, so we cannot replace them". Even though it took a collective effort of 100 people over 1 month to make all three of them, that was all we got. 10minutes sailing, teleport hackers stealing them and that. 

All in all, I have a few great sieges and a few moments that were a blast. Otherwise a complete waste of time. The game was awful.


#11 Cupe Cupe

Thu, 01 February 2018 16:30

decent mob AI too.

Which game are you referring to? 

I could get my mount to kill 20mobs while I healed or, or just sit on the edge of agro range killing dragons with my bow? It was silly, I was earning the money for a new suit of armour per 10 minutes. 

I only played early DF1, none of it's re-releases or patches so maybe it got better, what I played, I had not seen such bad AI since MMOs of the late 90s. It was awful and so abusable. 


#12 Howley Howley

Thu, 01 February 2018 18:40

Difference is I guess that I didn't exploit anything. I played the game to.... I know it's crazy but play the game so I stay in aggro range etc. 

I was comparing it more to a lot of mmo's where it's mindless but with the twitch (fps) aiming, they zig zag etc and it's a bit more of a challenge against the big mobs.


#13 Calyn Calyn Ze German

Fri, 02 February 2018 02:56

Didn't play at launch, started much later, some of the things you mentioned were probably fixed by then, Cupe. But I agree that the game overall was a shitshow in terms of execution. It really had its moments though, like the first time I was on the receiving end of a bombardment from sea.


And yeah the mob camps were engaging. Not all, I think the higher level mobs were all being exploited (like golems stuck in geometry etc), but as a low level fighting noob mobs it was pretty damn fun.

Edited by Calyn, Fri, 02 February 2018 02:57.


#14 Cupe Cupe

Sun, 04 February 2018 23:45

Yeah, the low level mobs were often quite fun and hard before you had trained your character much. I remember on beta dying at least every 10-15mins working things out for the first few days. 

The large mobs were so easy cause they attacked for huge damage, but slowly. We had some golems on our island, we didn't glitch them, just strafe around them in circles and slowly kill them. Literally that was it. You'd dodge every attack cause you were always moving - in the exact same direction. :D

The smaller fast attacking mobs were much harder than the big and slow mobs. Even then you could kill many of them easily with back attacks from your mount. 

The dragons we killed with many people were hard as fuck (for the token you needed 1 of the craft a ship), to the point that it didn't matter if we had armour on or not. We just had 4-5 people standing outside with a mountain of bows and arrows and every death you went for a new basic bow and 30 arrows and died, repeat, repeat, repeat. I remember picking up 4000ish arrows afterwards. Litrally had 100 naked people turn up for the event. And re-used what we left the next time. :D


The game did have some moments. Oddly my fav moment was also being sieged from sea and trying to work out how to deal with it? Oddly their ships were not hacked, but as they always seemed rich as fuck, we always wondered if they were the guys hacking a lot of spoils (Mercenaries). 

Almost every fun moment was defending in fact. I was normally on the def team when we sieged someone else, so always outnumbered and holding on while we won elsewhere. Was great fun. Mostly just had to not die than kill peeps, cause people would rarely go all-in when they knew there was a bunch of peeps alive. The "balls deep" was not strong with most on that game. 

I quit when I found out our alliances best two players were hacking and our alliance saw them as too pivotal to our success and didn't punish them... and "everyone has hackers the same as everyone has spies in eve". Urgh. 

Edited by Cupe, Sun, 04 February 2018 23:46.