Ascent: Infinite Realm

pc mmo
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#1 Meilink Meilink

Wed, 03 January 2018 18:52

Hello lads,


What about this new proyect Kakao Games and BlueHole?


Official website:

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#2 Sammerkand Sammerkand

Wed, 03 January 2018 21:27



#3 Drexa Drexa

Thu, 04 January 2018 00:16

I think it looks interesting enough.


Im so fucking starved on new mmos though so anything right now might look good... Meanwhile ill keep doing node/siege and afk fish :/


#4 Chimp Chimp

Thu, 04 January 2018 13:43

It looks very interesting. 


#5 Nexi Nexi

Thu, 04 January 2018 16:48

Is this some kind of Aion/StarCitizen mix or what? I'm confused. They fight dragon with swords and magic then there is a switch to robots and stuff.


#6 EverGlade EverGlade

Fri, 05 January 2018 00:25

Steam punk meets Aion meets Archeage


#7 Drexa Drexa

Fri, 05 January 2018 00:35

High fantasy steampunk! :P


Well, Bluehole did make TERA. I never played that game beyond the character creation but it seems to be decently good and its still running.. Plus they made PUBG. So its not just some unknown studio squeezing something out, maybe there is hope.


#8 Samhain Samhain

Tue, 09 January 2018 13:12

I really need a good mmo right now.