Corsair Commander Pro

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#1 Drakhorn Drakhorn Chief Rocket Scientist

Thu, 07 September 2017 19:58

Hey all.


So I wanted to control my PC fans according to the water temperature of my system rather than on the component temperatures. For this reason I bought the Commander Pro from Corsair. It tickled my fancy because it included some thermal probes and extension cables for fans. 




Boy have I been underwhelmed by it's performance.


Based on my own experience and according to posts on Corsair forums:

- the CP does not correctly recognize some fans from other manufacturers and you cannot control them at all

- Their own software Corsair Link does not work with their other software Corsair Utility Engine

- Even on best scenario, control of the fans is sketchy. They shutdown or rev up by themselves all the time

- Apparently they cannot be even used to control 3-pin fans with voltage unlike they advertise

- Apparently the product does not meet the PWM specifications

- updates to the software and firmware are rare, some problems have been reported 28 months ago on their earlier products


Here's my thread about the problem:


I would caution anyone from buying this unfinished product. I will most likely end up returning it to the retailer for a refund and filing a complaint to the consumer authority bureau for false advertising. 



#2 Drakhorn Drakhorn Chief Rocket Scientist

Sat, 09 September 2017 14:44


On thursday I received a reply to my ticket.

It reads as follows:

Hello Drakhorn
The commander mini is compatible just with Corsair's product, actually it's designed and built to control just Corsair fans.
Best regards
Ismael H

That was utterly useless and took 4 business days.


While this representative is most likely completely clueless and Corsair might some day fix the software, I'm not willing to wait for that. I also found my earlier ticket from the system when I bought the Vengeance K70 RGB keyboard and the CUE did not even run for first months and did not recognize the keyboard for almost half a year. To me these two incidents represents a pattern and I would strongly advise to use caution when acquiring Corsair products which require proprietary software to control them.