Kongregate's Tower keepers

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#1 EverGlade EverGlade

Sat, 29 July 2017 11:19

Anyone playing this fun and addictive game. Plays in a browser.

The sort of game you can put any amount of time in to waste away bordem


Basically you level up toons in a party of 4

The combat is automatic, but you assist with power skills at the right time


I can join a guild but which one?


I found this because I still love to play monster dens book of dread that Ernesto once posted



#2 Tildor Tildor

Sun, 30 July 2017 12:37

I decided to take a look Ever and youre right, its pretty awesome :D


Lvl 15 guildless noob here


#3 EverGlade EverGlade

Tue, 01 August 2017 21:30

Lol. I got you in Attack tower. But I didn't have any attacks left. I am lvl 24 now

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