Hand of the Gods, Smite Tactics

card game board game beta free to play
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#1 Makrill Makrill

Sat, 22 July 2017 10:33

Combo of Hearthstone and XCOM (but i didn't know XCOM, so i would say Heroes of Might and Magic fighting board instead)


So, you have cards you play with mana, but you also need to consider movement on a 2d-square-grid, not just 1d like Hearthstone. There are close combat, range, different size and shape AEs, buffs, spells and so on. Your HP is part of the board as one or several Summoning Stones. You can only place creatures/gods next to your Summoning Stones unless they have a special ability to be placed anywhere. Some creatures/gods have Guard ability and if they are adjacent to a Summoning Stone you have to kill them first before attacking the Summoning Stone. So a lot of tactics and strategy.


Free to play, beta, download here: http://www.handofthe...ree?ref=Makrill


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