Strike of Kings (Android/IOS)

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#1 Fox Fox

Tue, 11 July 2017 10:20

Anyone that plays this :o ? MOBA game so far its been fun and easy to play a game or few whenever I have time or a break.


Could use some friends if someone is playing it.


Leage of legends clone.


#2 Targetmemore Targetmemore

Wed, 12 July 2017 14:10

I ll try this one but actually i m playing mobile legend, still a clone of LoL but made by Riot and it s pretty good moba.



#3 Targetmemore Targetmemore

Wed, 12 July 2017 22:08

Cant find strike of kings on store ..
I find some tuto apps for it but not the game... strange ..


#4 Fox Fox

Thu, 13 July 2017 07:42

Google gave me an answer why you can't find it probably.


 Its only been launched some time ago, not sure if there are still some country related launch dates pending? Hmm...


But I've been enjoying this game quite a lot. The free to play heroes are quite well balanced and any hero can be strong if used well. And all heroes can be obtained after saving up some gold by winning matches. So no need for pay to win either.

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#5 Gromk Gromk

Fri, 14 July 2017 09:56

Wasn't it this game that got preassured to add max hours/day kids could be logged in to it? 


If so, it looks like...... Not an awesome game.. But maybe for a mobile game it is?


#6 Fox Fox

Wed, 19 July 2017 06:27

Yep the same game. 

I only got limited time for playing, so these "quick fight and do other stuff after" -games are the only ones that work for me at the moment. Maybe until wife or daughter (3 years old) decides to leave the house :P

Its difficult to get over 30 minutes of time to focus on playing.


And I like it. Very dota/moba like. Executed well, plays well, seems very balanced.

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#7 Fox Fox

Fri, 11 August 2017 06:31

This has been released world wide now with a new name.

Arena of Valor and its lots of fun :)


come join me defeating them polish or are they turkish players who always report people just for fun, which don't lead to anything since the AI is quite good at spotting if its a false report or not.


#8 Targetmemore Targetmemore

Wed, 06 September 2017 08:48

I am playing arena of valor. ( BTW you don t see me on clash of clan anymore because of this game :D )


Very fun and really good moba, just sad that there is only few matter about vision.
But i m playing it alone.. and it s still fun enough, but should be much more interesting  duoing or with team !


Gimme your name, and let s go kick these ass together =)

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#9 Fox Fox

Tue, 12 September 2017 10:19

LiuLiu or Jan Stoltzenberg in Facebook friends

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#10 Targetmemore Targetmemore

Sun, 01 October 2017 18:04

you forgot to notice that  you are not playing it anymore :P


Invite send anyway

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