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#1 Gromk Gromk

Fri, 02 June 2017 20:43

Best MMO of all time, 5/5, come play!




#2 iGokuan iGokuan

Sat, 03 June 2017 00:02

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D


#3 Sinful Sinful

Sat, 03 June 2017 16:24

Best game ever! 


Short version: New Time Locked Progression server opened a week ago, 12 weeks per expansion, won't go past PoP. Costs 15€ per month, no other fees. We're having fun just leveling and being nostalgic. Will be fun for few weeks at least. well worth the cost if you're a old EQ player I'd say. Zones are very populated, groups are plenty.


#4 Gromk Gromk

Sun, 04 June 2017 06:15




#5 Gromk Gromk

Sun, 04 June 2017 06:19


#6 Gromk Gromk

Sun, 04 June 2017 06:34


P99 player, but that vid made my weekend!


Check that guys channel out, fucking hillarious vids about EQ, especially Seyth will absolutely LOVE them, haha!

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#7 Elundil Elundil

Fri, 16 June 2017 10:45

Having lots of fun on Agnarr aswell. 

Playing a Gnome AFK...I mean Gnome Wizard :)
(and boxing a few others)


#8 Sinful Sinful

Fri, 16 June 2017 12:18

I'm up to 37 on my enchanter and 36 on the boxed cleric. Spent last few days mostly camping for equipment, not because it's really warranted at all, but for some reason it's fulfilling sitting in the middle of OOT for 5 hours straight waiting for a spawn. And I'm not even kidding.


#9 Elundil Elundil

Fri, 16 June 2017 13:50

Ha ha. I am thinking about going to OOT to camp the Robe of the Oracle. Think he is a 6 hour spawn. Just have to find the time and a movie on Netflix :)


#10 Sinful Sinful

Fri, 30 June 2017 08:11

From evening today (21:00 CET) til the 5th there's a 76% bonus XP and 25% off on marketplace. I'll likely make a bit of a push towards 50 :)





#11 Tumble Tumble

Wed, 08 November 2017 15:39

Anyone still playing here? I started for a bit of a giggle. Quite enjoying myself, may continue for a while!


#12 Sinful Sinful

Wed, 08 November 2017 16:10

Everyone else but me quit, so I kept on going for a while with my 2 box, but dropped it. :( 


#13 Gromk Gromk

Fri, 10 November 2017 00:38

I am sooooooooo psyched for coming back to this.


Luclin incoming, BEASTLORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#14 Gromk Gromk

Fri, 10 November 2017 00:39

But untill that happens I might as well PUBG/HOTS.


#15 Elundil Elundil

Tue, 05 December 2017 15:17

Awesome Gromk! Let me know when you start. Might have a few items for you :)


#16 Gromk Gromk

Tue, 05 December 2017 18:23

Awesome! I think it’s end of January Luclin opens. Plan was to grind some stuff ahead of time on the Ogre SK, but it felt kinda pointless for some reason.

I can’t wait though, I’m thinking it will be a troll Beastlord, the ONLY thing that could change that is if the sound the crocodile pet makes is as shitty as it was back when. In that case it will be a OGR again.

#17 Elundil Elundil

Wed, 06 December 2017 10:58

Think its Feb. 8th.

I am playing Peberkage and Elundil. 


#18 Tumble Tumble

Fri, 15 December 2017 17:23

I ran into Elundil randomly while playing! He is now my 'high level best friend' :)


Playing mainly as Multi (Bard) - lvl 58 atm.


Also have couple of twinks i'm boxing - Ardnutz (warrior) and Logie (shaman) at around 30