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  2. Tangha

    Beyond Good and Evil 2

    sounds too good to be true ubisoft!
  3. Tangha

    Meet Bella, my kitten! :D

    .... that pic from outdoors and bella looking in camera.... im in love i think thanks man!
  4. Tangha

    Meet Bella, my kitten! :D

    I need an update pic!
  5. sux. but i dont have ultra wide so i think i will play this
  6. Tangha

    Space Hulk: Tactics

    what the weird
  7. Tangha


    if it sounds too good to be true.... it probably is.
  8. Tangha

    Cyberpunk 2077

    looks like fun
  9. Tangha


  10. endo farming? Here are the basics. Every time a map loads, there is about a 1 in 6 or 7 chance that a single ayatan sculpture will spawn on it. You can choose the smallest map and the chance will still be the same. The smallest map is oestrus, eris; infested salvage, the same place Nidus is farmed. Furthermore, this entire map can be searched without starting the objective; meaning you can invite people after you have found a statue. Also of note is that if the host aborts the mission before completing the objective, he pulls all the guests with him out of the mission, but the guests all keep everything they have picked up while the host loses everything. After knowing all this, this is the method we use; 4 people split up, set their game to invite only mode, and solo oestrus eris looking for a sculpture. If one does not spawn, the hunter aborts the mission and restarts. With 4 people doing this at the same time, a statue can be found quickly. When one is found, the host invites the other 3 who are also searching. Then, once all the guests have picked up the sculpture, the host aborts, losing his reward, but the 3 guests keep it. This is done to save time. Infested Salvage takes a long time with 4 people. Two more thing; ayatan sculptures are unpredictable in how often they spawn; sometimes they spawn once in every 20 runs, or spawn in 3 runs in a row. And, the spawn locations for ayatan sculptures are the same spots that cephalon fragments and somachord tones spawn in. Now that you know the basics, all you have to do is find 3 other people to join you in your search. Good luck, and Have fun!
  11. i joined TS a few times but there seems to be seldom people there
  12. you also buy reusable blueprints for keys that open missions and doors in those missions i watched some of these videos to get to know shit
  13. type what? My acct name is TanghaSaint
  14. started playing yesterday, pretty cool game thus far how do i join the clan muu?