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  1. Chimp

    Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

    Skycommander, it was the best!
  2. Chimp

    Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

    Chimp: NO Meilink. TAKE DOWN THAT SWORD.. and bring up the staff! AND put on that robe! Meilink: Ok, ok... stupid monkey. (During our terribly and horribly raiding.) Good times. At 43minute, Pelle gave me magicka potions... 😢
  3. Chimp

    Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

    Some expansion coming up to the game. Release: June just saying
  4. Chimp

    Overkills - The Walking Dead

    Shall we talk about what a SHITSTORM shit this game was? How complete garbage? Are Starbreeze going to get bankrupt? Or do a new share issue to survive. "Everyone" think it was so bad. I think even the company themself know it was so bad, as they did not give a precopy to any reviews. So it took several days for the bad reviews to come in, allowing them to not get a metacritic for a while. (Not going the random comments by devs, writing how it will be good in the future.. thats just laughable). Am I enjoying the suffering of other studios....maybe a little. Maybe they need a controller over there, to scream at them and not pay out the salaries for a bad job.........food for thought, food for thought.
  5. Chimp

    Warcraft III: Reforged

    Small enough that you dont consider it..... for who? It kind of depends on who you are speaking to. For example, Sinful is swimming in money. 10 Euros for him, is less then he would give a poor person..since he does not think anything could possibly be bought with such a small amount.
  6. Chimp

    Star Citizen!

    I will scream I told you so.... then I will be sad, that noone listened to me. =( I hope I am wrong, it will be a kickass game, maybe I can retire because of old age on the release date. That would be awesome.
  7. Chimp


    For the people that played the base game and are looking towards the expansion. I can give you beta acess to the expansion, but it comes with instructions and a few questions. The studio is looking for feedback regarding this. Bascially I think that the expansion has a few mini story mission that starts efter the campaign. I dont know, I did not play the game. But if you played the base game and would be interested in this let me know. This is not just a key give out, but the studio wants something in return. Let me know.
  8. Chimp

    Overkills - The Walking Dead

    What? This looks fucking terrible. Its also the reason why Starbreeze stock fell 40% after they showed this. The flow and animation is just, like 20 years old. Its way to far into development to look like this. Its so fucking strange, how they can do a game like this, so many years after Dying light. Paradox is also worried about the launch of this game, because if its as bad as it looks, it will drag down all Swedish studios. Im predicting another Immortal:Unchained. Super hype, everyone plays it for a week TOPS. Then realize its actually shit. (Toadman stock skyrocketed at launch when people tried it, just to fall when people relized it was shit.)
  9. Chimp

    Star Citizen!

    Warning - The roadmap will often be subjec to change. aka: This game will probably never be released.
  10. Chimp


    I usualy dont like these videos, I still watch em. BUT,, that was fucking amazing.. well done.. geez
  11. Chimp


    Looked at some streams of it today. It looks really fun. Its 5 runners without weapons, doing objectives. 1 hunter to kill them. https://www.twitch.tv/ohmwrecker
  12. Chimp


    Well Fornite is the better game, according to me... and ALL the other people that switched from PUBG. But PUBG still have all the Chinese with them, so you can still consider it "popular". But, its falling fast. Discuss.
  13. Chimp

    Path of Exile

    Im knee deep in Destiny 2 again. I can ofcource logon and do stuff if you want.
  14. Chimp

    Bless Online

    There is a subforum...
  15. Chimp


    Thats what a click baiter would say.