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  1. Chimp


    "Status effects can now more reliably be applied to Titans". Im guessing you are suppose to? Also I did a stronghold yesterday and froze him all the time and comboed. The spider looking thingy. Also Gladd on his stream yesterday when they spam killed the GM3 boss with the ultimate exploit, he constantly reminded the people add status effect he could combo off. Also King Gothalion spoke about it yesterday when they did a lot of boss runs.. so.. you might be a little right, but also wrong since you talk in absolutes, like a sith. 😃 That being said, there are prb some bosses that you can not. THe idea is to go in as a team and sync your builds a bit, so you are able to apply the status effect, Acid removes resistance etc etc. Bosses has a lot more resistance, not to be confused with immune. As one redditor put it: " Seems a lot of people are confused on this. One thing of note is that the various enemy types are very resistant to certain elements and vulnerable to others. The swarm bugs are vulnerable to fire and particularly resistant to acid. Not sure about lightning and frost damage. Seems like you can freeze smaller mobs fairly easily so fair to assume they're a bit vulnerable to frost but fire seems very effective. Second thing is that apparently (I didn't notice it) there is a meter that fills up as you hit an enemy with an elemental effect that marks when they'll be primed. Conclusion, you can prime a boss and indeed freeze or set it alight but you have to work at it a lot more than on smaller mobs."
  2. Chimp


    So. Yesterday I started playing Ranger. For single target boss dps as they are huge bullet sponges. Now ofcource I am only level 10 and cant really test much. So, I read stuff and had a streamer test stuff for me. Where I told him to leave the cc and aoe to the storms and focus on helping to bring down the big targets. 😃 My build: 4 prime damage acid darts, so kind of constantly up for others to combo with. As rangers have by far the highest single target dps combo with the 100% crit. Together with a sticky grenade to blast one of your dart. Pew pew.. its happening! 😃 Rangers are also getting a buff on friday where they get the only shield penetration ability in game. People are talking about 30min to 1hour long boss fights on GM3. Im guessing that might change tho, and people does how to combo well, so ofc damage will go up.
  3. Chimp


    Many players won't be aware that Anthem has a combo system. It wasn't detailed in the demo, and there's nothing on the HUD to suggest that your Javelin, when performing X, will result in Y. Despite this, performing combos as a team, and valuing from the increased damage they provide (typically AOE) is invaluable and arguably mandatory at higher difficulty settings. Chaining abilities together ensures that you and your team will be dealing the highest damage possible, and with many combos providing AOE bonuses, it's often invaluable for quickly clearing wavesand challenging bosses quickly Primers Primers are abilities which directly apply an effect to enemies when they're affected by it. Typically, any ability which causes a lingering effect will allow you or your team to then follow up with a Detonator. Each class typically has 3 Primers (with the exception of Storm, whom has 5), that vary across their abilities, gear, melee or Ultimate. Ranger Primers Explosive Blaze (Fire) Frost Grenade (Ice) Venom Darts (Poison) Shock Mace (Lightning) Colossus Primers Firewall Mortar (Fire) Flamethrower (Fire) Acid Spitter (Poison) Storm Primers Rime Blast (Ice) Living Fire (Fire) Hoarfrost Shards (Ice) Ball Lightning (Lightning) Elemental Storm (Fire, Ice and Lightning) Interceptor Primers Acid Bomb (Poison) Cyro Claive (Ice) Corrosive Spray (Poison) Detonaters Detonators are the trigger for Primers and allow each Javelin to consume the primer effect. Based on which Javelin Detonates the Primer, will cause a unique Combo Effect. In a random player setting, it can be difficult to coordinate combos, and have specific Javelin trigger specific combos. However, in a group setting it's imperative to understand which Combo Effect you need, and when. Ranger Detonators Frag Grenade (Grenade) Seeking Missile (Assault Launcher Gear) Multi-Target Missile Battery (Ultimate) Colossus Detonators Explosive Mortar (Ordnance Launcher) Lightning Coil (Ordnance Launcher) Heavy Cannon (Heavy Assault Launcher) Railgun (Heavy Assault Launcher) Heavy Smash (Melee) Siege Cannon (Ultimate) Storm Detonators Lightning Strike (Blast Seal) Flaming Orb (Focus Seal) Glacial Beam (Focus Seal) Fiery Strike (Melee) Elemental Storm (Ultimate) Interceptor Detonators Seeker Glaive (Assault System) Spark Dash (Assault System) Tempest Strike (Strike System) Bladed Daggers (Melee) Assassin's Blade (Ultimate) Combo Effects Ranger: Critical Target Damage - When the Ranger Detonates a Primer, the enemy affected will suffer a high amount of burst damage instantly. Colossus: AOE Explosion - Similarly to the Ranger's, a Colossus who Detonates a Primer will cause an AOE explosion, dealing high damage to all those in the target area. Storm: AOE Spread - Storm when triggering a combo will spread the elemental effect to all nearby enemies. Your opponent suffering from poison? All those hit by the Detonator will also be infected. Interceptor: Aura - With the Interceptor often being in and amongst the enemy, Primers he Detonates will cause all enemies around him to suffer the elemental effect.
  4. Chimp


    I downloaded and trying it it out.
  5. Chimp

    The Division 2

    I Think the division is a better game then Anthem. Division one at the end was really fun, the build system and sets were really good. Some grind to it, which I love. raid dungeon and pvp. But it seems there will be some people that want to play Division.
  6. Chimp

    The Division 2

    They gave me Anthem for free when i bought the computer, so Im gonna try it. But I think it will be mostly a single player game that you can play with friends.
  7. Chimp

    The Division 2

    The Division is third person tho. So its not a FPS game.
  8. Chimp

    APEX Legends Info Thread.

  9. Chimp

    The Division 2

    How many are going to play The Divison 2 at launch? Made a poll.
  10. Chimp

    Apex Legends

    I played with Ern.. we were both very bad.
  11. Chimp

    The Isle

    This can not be explained, this can only be experienced. Look for it on twitch...grow
  12. Chimp

    Star Citizen!

    Yes. But they can still run out of cash. 😃
  13. Chimp

    Star Citizen!

    https://cloudimperiumgames.com/blog/corporate/cfo-comment-2012-2017-financials a little bit of a summary: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/334717/Cloud_Imperium_Games_spent_4M_a_month_in_2017_developing_Star_Citizen.php In short. Star Citizen has now burned about 90% of their collected capital and the rest is being burned fast. But clever as they are, they will spend that money on a shit, and sell it for another round of money. But this ship, and get this extra ship for "free". That being said, many companies survive for many years with a HUGE deficit, as long as someone is willing to throw money into the pit. They end the report with "At the time of writing this report we have had our best month ever since we started this journey and we expect with the continued support of our existing and new backers and customers that we will create a truly inspirational game and experience that all of those involved in the community can take credit for and truly claim they have helped achieve." It sounds great....but.....is it But please, be careful. Its a terrible company. Maybe the idea of a good game... but a terrible company.
  14. Chimp

    Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

    Skycommander, it was the best!
  15. Chimp

    Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

    Chimp: NO Meilink. TAKE DOWN THAT SWORD.. and bring up the staff! AND put on that robe! Meilink: Ok, ok... stupid monkey. (During our terribly and horribly raiding.) Good times. At 43minute, Pelle gave me magicka potions... 😢