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  1. Sinful

    Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

    I still have PTSD from leading our PvE raids...
  2. Sinful

    Final Fantasy XIV

    9 years later, Sinful finds Final Fantasy XIV! Yes, I'm bored and need a mmorpg-fix, and I'm getting it here atm. Up to level 42, just doing the main story, and having a really good time just enjoying the scenery and playing through the story. Is anyone else playing it on the side etc? If anyone happens to be interested here's a quick pro and con after having played a couple days: PRO: * Very pretty for a 9(!?) year old game. * Free trial up til level 35. * Lots of content to get through, the main story quest line is like... 400 or so quests. Sadly only a minority voice acted, but I'm about ~150 quests in and I've heard the story only gets better. * Class balance seems very good, based around party play, but every class can solo. * Lots of QOL stuff has of course been implemented, fast travel etc all working very well. * I really like the class system where you can level any class on the same character and instantly switch between classes. You level them individually though, so you can be a level 50 Warrior, and a level 10 White Mage. Your warrior doesn't get better by having more classes leveled, it's like if you would switch to an alt when you switch class, just that you don't need to relog it's all in 1 character. CON: * Combat system is a bit... Clunky. Not bad at all, just doesn't feel as... connected as BDO for example. Still enjoyable. * Bloated effects, when you're in a party there's lighting and shit everywhere. * IF YOU DON'T LIKE QUESTING DO NOT GET THIS GAME. To get to later expansions you NEED to complete the main story quest line! That's how you unlock more content, not by leveling. So if you HATE story quests, never read a quest dialog and can't enjoy that sort of game play: DO NOT GET THIS. * PvP, from what I gather so far, is a very niche activity. PvP balance is not a focus. Not even sure what kind of PvP there is.
  3. Sinful


    When is launch?The countdown timer can be found here: https://www.playatlas.com/
  4. Sinful


    Haven't seen a launch date anywhere, so I reccon it's "Early access until it's ready(TM)"
  5. Sinful


    It's quite odd that there's so little information (given I haven't spent much time actually looking, but browsed the Reddit etc) and early access starts tomorrow? It's all pretty broad strokes "You can build ships. That will take long. There are skills. There's treasure. Something called companies." Part of me is like "Hmmmm, this can't be a good sign, is there no info because it's not done, not implemented or are they actually just wanting the players to experience stuff for themselves...". And then part of me is more "I know NOTHING and I'm LOVING it! How does skills work? Do I select a class? How does building a ship work? How do we claim territories? Is there a AFK-system to kick Ernesto when he takes his customary 5 hour lunch break? Well, I guess we'll have to explore and learn together, awesome!" Honestly I'm going in thinking this MIGHT be a buggy, incomplete piece of crap that we can't stomache for more than a week, but we'll find out together and I'm sure as shit looking forward to it!
  6. Sinful


    Not sure if I'm blind that can't find a price on Steam, but in the article Cog linked it says $30 and in another article I read it says $25, so somewhere around there I guess. There's a pretty new Reddit, not a lot of info but more to come I imagine: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas I'm 100% up for giving it a go! Might be complete shit, but I find it hard to believe we can't have plenty of fun for a while no matter what
  7. Sinful


    This looked awesome! Any word on how it actually plays?
  8. Sinful

    Star Citizen!

    Just to clarify, I'm not trying to belittle the game by saying it's a "fraction" hyping it. They have more than 2 million backers, that's a huge accomplishment and enough to make a healthy game in itself. It's just that the "gaming world" is about 2,3 billion people who most likely don't care I do hope it succeeds, and if it does I'll be happy for a cool game to play
  9. Sinful

    Star Citizen!

    Don't think it'll impact the gaming world much? To a overwhelming majority of the gaming world this isn't even a thing, at max something you make fun of as vaporware or keep an eye on. Shrug and move on, maybe laugh at it a bit. Remember the gaming world is a pretty big place though. Even the fraction of it hyping Star Citizen can likely make the game very successful. But all in all, not sure why it would impact much. It might kill the chances of another crowdfunded behemot, but meh.
  10. Sinful

    Warcraft III: Reforged

    Was hoping for Warcraft 4.
  11. Sinful

    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    Hehe, np. It's pretty damn fun to fool around with, at least if you're an oooold MTG player like myself. Haven't played for probably 12 years though, but enjoying it. I do have issues with the whole land mechanic, I feel too many games end with either my opponent or me being screwed around turn 3-6 and the disadvantage is 99% to large to recover from. And yeah, it's a basic mechanic of magic, I get that, I just don't find it super fun. That said, still having a pretty good time. I play at least couple games per day. Today I got my first 7 win constructed run, felt pretty damn good Running a mono red, like the second one you linked, just a bit different: https://mtgarena.pro/decks/mono-red-1831/
  12. Magic: The Gathering, I guess most know what it is. It has had a online version for a long time, called Magic: The Gathering Online. It's not super popular though from what I understand. Boring UX, high bar of entry etc. So they developed Magic: The Gathering Arena. Easier to get into, more Hearthstoneesq UI (animations when cards come into play etc). It does have limitations. No 1vs1 (as in challenge a friend) but couple different modes to play, you can draft and so on. Just like Hearthstone you get daily quests, earn gold, can buy packs or entry into game modes. I've been fooling around with it a little, just the starter decks (which feel awesome to play, but they're considered to be a newbie trap because people mistake "feel awesome" for "good, even in higher tier play") The match making is a bit wonky, it's absolutely not MMR, it takes the "quality" of your deck into account somehow. So if you start switching in real good cards in your newbie deck you'll QUICK run into meta decks and get absolutely torn to bits. I haven't had this happen to me, but read about it. It went open beta couple weeks ago. Free to play, and as I said the newbie decks (you start out with like 4, and can unlock 1 new per day up to 10 decks or so) are very fun for someone like me who hasn't played magic in years. https://magic.wizards.com/en/mtgarena Here's how it looks (gameplay starts at 2:10):
  13. Sinful


    Destiny clone which hardly even tries to do anything new besides a bit of flying? And moneygrabbing EA? Yeah, not getting hyped for this, EA doesn't deserve it.
  14. Sinful

    Star Citizen!

    Watched it. Honestly, it seems like it's coming along from the video and headed in a good direction. Not something I'll jump on now, I'm good and comfy on the fence regarding this and I have my doubts if they can integrate it all into one experience, but I'm glad to see it's shaping up